living in the world of the dead

How do you know this...

Thinking is an important thing, but it is not required, but listening is. What we do the least of is what we need to do the most of...listening. Listening will keep you out of a lot of trouble, well out of more trouble than your mind ever will. But, why do we "think" the opposite?

How much thinking do dead people do and they still survive? This is how to enjoy the powers of thinking. Understand, there is consolation in knowing.

Well, there are many more dead motherfuckers than there are living. Does that tell you anything? Where do you think dead people go or in your infinite wisdom, do you think they just disappear? Do you think because you do not acknowledge them, means they ain't here or you can do what you want, no matter who it harms?

The flesh is returned to dirt and the spirit dwells in place. The spirit is like air, one molecule of air. Voices, voices everywhere voices and I hear them all.

Their sounds are music to my ears, they alert me, comfort me, acknowledge me, so why would I disrespect them? Like food for me, I'll be food for something... Are you afraid of what's actually happening? Do you even think you can avoid this truth? It doesn't matter what they put your flesh in, your bacteria will be right there to consume you and then something else will consume it. Is this how we become a consumer society? Nothing ever stops moving.

There's a reason for every fucking thing. Sometimes you can be too educated, too not wanting to acknowledge what already is. That's like driving a car on a road like nobody else is on this same road??? However, that is the way we're taught to operate in the world of the dead.

We act like, we give no consideration to the fact, that though their body is gone, their spirit is still here somewhere and it is divinely designed this way. Just imagine if we could put our hands on them!!! They would be dead again, repeated mistakes.

We are guided by instinct and thinking allows you to enjoy the journey, not mess up shit.

Live in the world of the dead with dignity and respect, while if it were not for them you would not be here.

(((your inner

There are many worlds in this world

The mystical World

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!