the world of many worlds

Operating in the world of many worlds to better survive...

How many worlds are out there? Ever look up into the sky and see the stars at night? Do you know the infinite number of stars you can see are just a grain of sand to what's really out there? You and no other human being can even imagine this number.

The world in which we think we live does not exist for obvious reasons. We did not bring shit here and we ain't taking shit away.

Who wants to operate in a world which dictates what you think and contradicts everything you think? How inconsiderate! A world in which you can only know what you are told? A world in which discourages you from following your divine path, listening to your inner voice, to follow the path of a motherfucker who does not know his ass from a hole in the ground.

A motherfucker who argues about something that matters not, like religion, land, resources... the shit was already here, you can't do shit about it and if you do,,, all you're going to do is fuck up what's going to happen anyway. What good does it do to know the weather, do you think we can really predict any damn thing, not even knowing when our next breath will be taken? Not knowing that, how in the sam hell can you profess to know the weather for the rest of the week? And how can you be so naive as to believe their shit? Going along to get along will get you in more trouble than you want to be in. Man, know thyself.

To the closed minds of the world there's only one world and that is the world in which they operate. That is the narrow minded world of the "here and now", the world of the selfish.

They fail to acknowledge the many other worlds to whom we're connected. to them one means the one they choose. How often are we wrong in this world? Knowing this, they just keep pushing, without regard to consequence, like there's nobody else to be concerned about, how selfish.

Remember, we perish for a lack knowledge and that knowledge is not our own. Know you're only deceived if you think someone is going to teach you what you need to know. Know you were not born to be dependent nor independent, but interdependent. Know life is the best teacher and living it is the best experience, everything is already laid out, just follow the course, like every other being in the world.

There are more worlds out there than you can ever imagine, endless, infinite. And there are more than one God to watch over these worlds, all with their own divine purpose.

They work off of programs, already installed and are to be respected. It is a great mistake to fail to acknowledge them, as if everything was put here just for YOU.

The world, in which you think you're living is just a door leading to other worlds. You don't even have time for all the bullshit we've created here. As a matter of fact, all the shit we create in this world is just a waste of valuable time, reinventing the wheel, because it was already planned and implemented, long before our ignorant asses were ever thought about it. There's nothing new under the sun and life is too short.

We're on a journey which didn't start here and will not end here. All that funeral shit is just that....remember, life is not ours. Not one of us is greater nor lesser than the other, not even one country or thought. 

Remember, your leaving the body experience does not mean "the end", that's it, no more,the end nor RIP. It doesn't mean be sad, cry, funeral.... It means until we meet again.

It means your body is no longer available in the world in which you live. Remember you are still held accountable for your actions, known by name and not the name we call you but your God given purpose. Living in the here and now means living in the world of the dead.

(((your inner

The Mystical World

The Here and Now World

The Energy World

The World of Time

living in the world of the dead

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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