the long arm of American racism 

Why now, brown cow? The long arm of American racism, how far and is it still going on? What would the Black Russian say?

So why did Vladimir Alexandrov see fit to write this book today. What is he really saying?

Sad but true...I say this because some countries do not know this American racism and the most influential Americans would like to think it’s gone. But do you really understand how far the long arms of American racism reach throuhout the world?

The Black Russian brings to mind, “Can a Black Man be a great success anywhere, especially in America and without being a puppet to the status quo bullshit”?

To escape the violence and abuse of racism in America some Blacks decided to flee. Now, ask yourself if America would help these Blacks as they try like hell to help themselves while escaping the long arms of American racism?

Fredrick Bruce Thomas, born 1872 was a very successful black man, in two countries, and was denied help by the American government when he needed them most. Now, ask yourself if you really tried to do something great, would the American government, the government for which you have fought and died help you get back on your feet after turning your back on American racism; no matter how hard you tried. Is that true today?

Although widely known during his lifetime, Frederick Thomas is now virtually forgotten.  The few references made to him are often brief and wrong. 

Frederick Thomas is fascinating because of the extraordinary way he escaped the constraints of his humble beginnings and being black in America. Twice he went from rags to riches, dying a poor man in debtor’s prison.

Vladimir Alexandrov wrote the book titled, The Black Russian about Frederick Thomas, an African American who spent most of his life Russia and Turkey. Where else could he have gone?

The American Government sabotages "Great Black People", they either kill them or financially ruin them.

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The Blind leading the Blind

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