The Blind leading The Blind

How is that happening today? Where are all the real people?

Is that you going to work, on vacation, retired... Is that you in your work clothes, haircut, clean shaven...or is that someone they want you to be? Was that actually meant for you or did you just settle for less and call it more?

What's wrong with the bartering system or is it your greedy self? The deadly seven!

You can't be depended upon and you are not accountable nor responsible, how do I know?

You have Americans leading the way, who know they are not supposed to be there, but being there earns them a fat paycheck. And one American will kill the other American in order to receive a pay check.

And we're training our children to do the same, except to be even more ruthless and selfish.

(((your inner

African American to Afrikans

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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