Memories You Can't Tell

Because you don't tell does this make things better? What's your prediction?

Would you say, "he's just a friend"? Honesty, integrity, no drama....And you want to know why we're so damn depressed. There's a big difference between memories you can't erase and "shameless memories" you refuse to admit. 

Is there a such thing as you can't tell or is it the fact you can't tell everything? Then, why do we have confession? Why watch the news when you already know they really ain't going to tell  you "what you need to know". We're notorious for intentionally hiding what another fellow human being really needs to know.

We want everyone to be upfront, open, transparent when our asses are the least of these. Will you finally try to lie your way out when you meet your maker? Will the "don't let the right hand know the left theory prove true? Just how do you make the world a better place?

Is it acceptable to confess without first confessing to the victim? Who's the biggest victim of all? They say you came into this world with nothing and you'll leave with nothing, so what happens to these shameless memories? Who bury's them? Do they remain behind waiting to claim a new innocent body?

If all these shameless memories are remaining behind, because you can't take them with you, who do we tell? Is that why we're born into a world of sin?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!