Mental illness at crisis level and how are you coping?

For me, mental illness is nothing new, but now the federal government recognizes it to be at a crisis level and are taking measures to address it. Cure or prevention?

What is considered mental illness, how could it have gone without being addressed and allowed to reach crisis level? Where do you go for treatment and how are you expected to cope when returned to general population?

The government says, it is worse than we thought, 1 in 5 adults are diagnosed with mental illness in America, says stories are serious, humbling and inspiring.

What is considered mental illness? When you start out in a state of serious denial, it is impossible to detect thoughts and behaviors considered mental illness, so things just continue to loom out of control, until one day you awake and everybody else is crazy except you. That's about where I am now. A man is not wrong until he himself first admits.

The facts? It is hard to believe, just doesn't make sense  that we are just realizing how wrong we are. 1 in 5 is an absurd finding and more realistic to say that every human being experiences some forms of mental illness, during a life time. This is how it has gone undetected, therefore neglected for sooo long. Nobody wants to admit that this traumatic moment in life has made them overwhelmingly crazy. And the next most neglected sign is we do not allow for our insensitivity and neglect for what others may be going through, but want to impose ours. You never know! Then, you never know who is going to save your ass, yet we act like we are so independent. The most capable of us are the most guilty.

Re-pattern your mind, building strong neural pathways ... is Greek, never thought of, no need most people. Re-treat from the comforts of your own home experience is another most neglected sign of mental illness.

Even more crazy, we neglect the fact that trying to act sane in an insane world makes you crazy and can cause you to go off the deep end, over the most simplest thing. I was in the store the other day and a fight broke out, between the cashier and customer over plastic groceries bags. The customer wanted a few more bags because he was riding his bike and the cashier went bunkers.

What is mental illness? It is doing the same old thing yet expecting a different result. The idea of living life is to manifest good health, happiness, caring, self-confidence... all those things leading to a mature healthy adult. So, why are we achieving just the opposite? My question is how did we get to putting a price on any of this? 

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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