Military for Discipline? by Art Thomas, (((YIV)))

To make our world a better place every person ought to be required to serve in the military to learn discipline and serve his country?

There are a few good men who believe this and would love to impose a generous dose of military style living on every human being, in order to teach them discipline. Somehow, they see military lifestyle as a prerequisite to living a better quality of life, especially to fill in where parents fall short.

Why don’t people want to serve in the military? These few good men have already failed because they failed to consider conscientious objectors, those who refuse military service based upon their conscience, freedom of thought and/or religion. I say military discipline is an over kill, designed encourage another human being to walk out in front of a speeding bullet. And the proof is when the military has no further use for military personnel treatment, there’s still no respect for elders and the military has a way of railroading or turning people against people, by causing military personnel to feel superior over the citizens they serve. That is done through rhetoric about bravery and thank you for your service.

We want the job done but want someone else to do it. Parents idolize the military, without regard to what is actually going on – The Jones’.  It’s the get off your ass and make something of yourself mentality – Be All You Can Be. Well, if those very same parents were educated to do their jobs, this “break you back down to build you up again mentality” wouldn’t be necessary.

Last but not least, the military gives a false sense of safety and security, implying those with power rule. People are ridiculed and severely punished for refusing to be coerced into the military.

This hype is so strong, those serving in the military for extended periods of time, fall victim to stress and depression when thrown back into main stream America. The military trains human beings to be soldiers, not the other way around.

Power comes from the people for which those with power have been appointed to serve. Today, we have that ass backwards by making power a profit thing. We accept that those with a gun or money rule and that is a direct result of military training - violence.

Then there are those who think places like church, school, boyscout… should be our greatest source of discipline, but today’s religious folk are proof that religion is the catalyst for extreme racism, chaos and confusion. Religious people fall for anything (slavery, genocide, capital punishment, jim crow, women abuse, racism…) because they stand for nothing or the wrong stuff and hence, are overruled.

The best source of discipline comes from within; and the discipline from within is inspired by the desire live. A person who listens from within is well disciplined and does not need to be paid or otherwise coerced to fight. The problem today is our society teaches you to listen from without.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!