More Space and Time for What

Why can't you be you, totally you? When  a blow-job just ain't enough? What exactly is our true course?

From where do you get your guidance? The voice that imposes what you do not have or the voice that embraces what is available? How did what you do not have exceed having more than enough?

People need enough time and space to become the human beings we are. However, society is so convoluted, people find themselves spending whatever time they have left trying to escape the rigors of what modern day society dictates, when it should be just the other way around. Most are more familiar with their phony character than their true character and so is the world. That is a travesty.

Ever tried listening to yourself or hearing yourself think? Like a wet dream, there's always somebody saying, "snap out of it"? One more building, road, parking lot, development, machine is this what life is all about? Listening to yourself is increasing hard to do above the all the artificial noises creating interference ruin our lives 24/7, by creating stress. It seems our primary purpose has become to stress the hell out of each other. Who’s trying to help you be you?

The incessant demands of the fast living we have created is only to entice, tempt us from our true course? The smarter you are the more clueless you are expected to be. The ability to listen to your inner voice, which is the basis for who you are and all you do, is all but absurd.

The voice which imposes super inflated egos and unrealistic expectations on each other is very prevalent in our society and has interrupted all things natural and all efforts in achieving the highest good for our people. Too much listening to outer voices has created the hussle and bussle, hatred, violence and abuse we are currently experiencing. We are  obsessed with more, more, now, now, whatever happened to “less”? Which makes more sense, more or less?

Our true course is to avoid, danger, difficulty and evil.

The crazy part about this all is the few who consider themselves larger than life think themselves to be able to take advantage of this confusion and chaos; and are very successful at deceiving the masses into desiring this destructive behavior, with what we cannot have, hence we do not have “time”.

Talking the illusion of victimology and meritology, it is all about deceiving each other, in order to get what we want. We have been convinced that being what they want you be, for them, is better than being who you need to be for the whole. You cannot tell us this is not living for a greater purpose than ourselves.

The idea of deciding for self, which brings courage and peace, has been overridden by the idea of siding with groupies, which brings deceit, destruction and cowardice.

We do not need more deceiving signs selling inferior products and services to our own people, but more ways to help us find enough time and space to hear and entertain our own thoughts. This is "the only way" for you to be you.

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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