My religious and white people view explained

As much shit as White Americans has caused Black Americans, how in the hell can anyone, do they deserve to be hated by Black Americans???

Do White people ever think they do anything wrong, no matter how wrong it is or violates their own code of conduct? Will Black people ever stop acting like they cannot survive without White folk shit? Does either of these want the other to know? How can anyone know what you're actually feeling if you cover it up?

I joined the army to make something better of myself, why did i feel I had to do this, because there was no other choice to escape racism and abuse in my own hometown. 23 years I spent defending my country and my people, only to learn these very same people do not give a shit about themselves or me, so what has changed for the better? Are immigrants better workers than me and no, I'm not angry but if the shoe was on the other foot...?

Recently, a friend of mine shared that Black people shy away from people like me because of my views on religion and White people. That White people deny me because they want to think I am anti-White people and threaten their efforts to spread Christianity.

I am just me and have faith I am doing a great job helping my fellow man, just like any other man.

I am unequivocally NOT against any people or any religion; however, I do believe it is incumbent upon me to tell the truth and tell it using our daily language. What you do in the dark will come to the light! The truth is the ways of people, who publicly advocate Christianity, are very hypocritical. If they really practiced what they preached and not just the opposite, it is not the religion but the people who use religion for their own personal gain. And I do not understand why more Christians refuse to recognize the error of their ways and start practicing what they preach.

As a matter of fact, Christianity is taking us backwards because we fail to recognize and properly address the error of our own ways: we have ignored "any and all" natural laws which dictate how we must coexist. Black people have adopted the evil ways of the very White people about which we complain. We would rather tell a lie than to nicely speak and listen to our own wisdom, common sense and we keep demanding they provide us better products and services... what have you provided yourself and if you must demand some one treats you equally why do you keep staying, you don't stay with your, so called, abusive husbands, so what's the difference?

What kind of person would cut off the top of their blanket, add it to the bottom and claim he has a larger blanket? Do you need a Book to tell you to treat every human being with dignity and respect, whether they are the same religion or not, whether they have money or not, whether they have a job or not, whether they pay taxes or not…? To treat a fellow human being or any resource, for that matter, would be in total contradiction to what your religion says, what human rights dictates and self-destructive to our divine propose.

White people, well I did not come up with this term, just like I did not come up with the word nigger. I have White friends just as I have Black friends, but they know I do not bite my tongue, just because they are present and believe it or not, they act like they appreciate my candor. For the life of me, I do not understand why White people hate Black people, if not Black people treat themselves in a matter deserving of such inhumane treatment? Would it be better to be candid or hypocritical, hoping to gain favor? The term White folks was defined to me as an American people who has historically mistreated Black Americans. Is it every single one of them, well I haven’t seen any who stood and still stand for the human rights of all people and they need to know it, whether they change or not. I do not act like these words do not play a prominent role in our daily language, when I hear them every day, all day, 24/7, so why condemn them, why outlaw them, why act like we are offended when we use them to show affection or dislike and we are constantly in one of the two modes? Just as we give words meaning, we could just give them a good meaning, since we cannot abstain from using them.

Licks hurt and I am not going to stand idly by while I am being denied on every front and this includes by niggers. So, if you must consider me different, then I have accomplished my mission, my purpose is being fulfilled and if you hate me for being me,,,that is your problem…I owe no one an apology for telling the truth.

I advocate, individuality, human rights, caring for all human beings, from being true to yourself by listening to what I refer to as your-inner-voice, it is just this simple. When we do this, then our behavior towards the world and our divine self will be true. There will be no difference between black, white, niggers, women, no reason to be offended by words because we will have made them all good.

Simple, simple, simple….be yourself.

(((your inner

The Problem with Black and White America

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!