The problem with Black and White America

What is happening to America's voice of reasoning?

It is not the hate, but deception. Who wants to be deceived their entire lives? Who wants to be a liar or to live a life of lies? Why do we keep fooling each other? 

I was reading a few articles on the website: Day Break Africa Voiceoftruth and was inspired to share this article. Where is Day Break in America?

Ever wonder why the relationship between Blacks and Whites is so strained, lacking in progress, violent and abusive? We say they are not and would like to believe we are not so stupid, as to inflict such suffering and pain upon each other, but contrary to popular belief, we know otherwise, why? Surface is one thing, but what is actually happening is another.

The result of which is a never ending cycle of one group relentlessly working to dominate the other,,, a world filled with big "I's" and little "you's". There is only a bottom and top, no middle ground, which is really where we all reside. Instead, they would rather tell you about a bogus middle class, they  created.

They can tell you things like, who terrorists are and dictate to you how to respond, but you cannot tell them shit.

Why would AfriKans be so willing to suffer such pain and abuse? Why would Whites be so willing to inflict such pain and abuse? Why does it appear Whites are dominant over Blacks? Are we natural enemies? Why cannot Blacks receive credit for the good we do?

In the competitive world in which we live, everybody wants to be (((number one))), a number one world power!!! Everyone wants to blame the next guy for their own shortcomings. It is in these greedy efforts much evil shit is camouflaged.

We actually love the work produced by each other, we compliment each other, but somewhere on the lines are people positioned to intentionally destroy everything created by these two groups. Who are they?

Why  blacks do not receive credit for good things done by Blacks??? Black people are so infested, infiltrated by double-crossing Black people, who discredit everything we do. The illusion of being included. It is the same as being born into a family, where all the parents do is DEGRADE you. Soon you start thinking you are not good enough. Our parents, our teachers, preachers, adults refuse to recognize, honor and respect the good in Black people, but reverse it to evil and promote it - drama, drama, drama.

Who wants to be a loser, but the perception of wealth, wealth, wealth? One group is consumed with destroying each other, and the other with becoming a world power, in which group do you prefer to associate? Where is the room for people not concerned about none of this bullshit? This group does exist but has been ostracized, criticized, dumbed down, caused to think they are not productive. The belief being, you are not productive unless you are exploiting your fellow man and that is how you become wealthy.

Blacks are the biggest culprit of these lies, they throw rocks and hide their hands. Talking about a people, with the number one priority of destroying their own people, well that is Black people and especially Black Americans.

Their efforts are so secretive, sinister, their work so shameful, carried out through sophisticated scams and grand institutions, like organizations for charity, aide, defense...  exploiting women, children and the elderly. Under this cloak of darkness, they pit one against the other, constantly creating chaos, and confusion. No matter how much progress we make, as one people, they turn it around and use it as a weapon to threaten one group against the other.

They work against Blacks treating themselves with dignity and respect by teaching us, we must first be approved by White folk - dumbing us down and this all is done by our own people.

We secretively portray Black people as wanting to be oppressed, treated less than, inferior to, weak and submissive; because this keeps them on top and from being exposed. If they were to be exposed, then they would be where they are working to keep us. They would have to listen to a voice of reasoning.

(((your inner

"what Afrikans do not know about Black Americans"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!