Orange Tie or Orange Jump Suit

Why would anyone from the general public want to become elite? What's wrong with being a common person or apart of the masses?

From our more sophisticated entrepreneurs and leaders, why is the orange jump suit quickly replacing the suit and tie?

Remember what character and education was all about? Remember, how the elite sold us upon buying into systems and programs created to make us more economic and socially equal/stable? Remember how the haves belittled and looked down upon the have nots, the uneducated and how those of us who wanted no parts of all these sophisticated programs which have come to be known as scams? Remember how we talked about people on welfare and government assistance? Well, what's happening to all those so called elite people now?

Do you realize how long we fought for an opportunity to right wrong? Do you realize how long the educated have pushed for the uneducated so the uneducated might be better prepared? Now, the question is being better prepared for what? Do you realize how long the so called elite class have taken the advantage of the general public? 

As our elite class (the most powerful, rich, gifted, and educated members of our society) is so corrupt the general public have lost all confidence in our economic and social systems. Who would want to become a swayed crook? What's the problem when the rate of white collar crime exceeds that of blue collar crime? In which direction will our economy grow now?

First, we spend all this time and effort fighting for the cause and when we get it... even knowing how ruthless our opponents are, we so eager to be accepted we fall victim to their evil schemes.

 theft and bribery, wire fraud and extortion, soliciting and accepting bribes from federal agents posing as commercial real estate developers and investors wanting to do business with your monkey ass... Go figure. Hell, the elite are so vicious they don't even like themselves and as we attempt to join them, we're exchanging our suit and ties for the humiliating orange jump suit.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!