Organized Crime and Terrorism in America

Is domestic violence in your home? Do you know what constitutes domestic violence and terrorism? Would you tolerate it if you knew?

I would like to think not and if I knew, it would be my duty to report it and to take responsible action to correct the situation so it does not happen again. To whom would I report?

To whom and would they care? Would you report your injuries to the person committing these acts against you and could you expect them to be sympathetic to your claim?

Based upon my experience, most incidents of organized crime and terrorism in America goes unopposed and unreported, especially as a child and then as an adult. My parents didn't report it, they suffered more than me and it is from them I learned.

First, in my home my parents took matters in their own hands and kept it secret, based upon the premise of what goes on inside the home stays in the home.

Outside my home, my parents took matters in their own hands and did not report. Why report what you can resolve yourself?

We claim we are not guilty for the guilt of being involved. Wives don't report domestic violence because they feel it is going to get better. This negligence persists until incidents expose and explode  themselves. Then, there is the question of coming to the rescue or intervention. Even though laws are created as an avenue to expose and punish violators, most feel it is none of their business. Then, there is the chance of the perpetrators turning on you. You never suggest one spouse leaves the other. While you remain upset and abstain, the two perpetrations have kissed and made up?

As a child growing up, do you know how many KKK type incidents I have experienced? Do know how laws were created to protect and serve them but deliberately excluded other Americans? I say this to demonstrate how prevalent organized crime and terrorism is in our communities all over America and we fail to do anything about it. 

EVen as recent as Ferguson, New Orleans, Chicago, Massachusetts... proves these problems are deeply and inherently rooted in our systems and there is nothing you can do, which deems us helpless and toxic to our own kind. 

Just like we pretend to be offended by the use of words like Nigger, Crackers, Towel Heads, Chicos, Bitch, Whore... even though we use them. It seems the more we claim to abstain, the more we pretend and do it anyway. It has even grown to the point of parents denouncing children and children their parents. From where did we get this, who's responsible?

Children blame out of touch adults, adults blame disrespectful children. Whites blame blacks and blacks blame Whites and nothing is ever gets done this lack of progress is passed from one generation to the next.

If domestic violence and terrorism runs rampart in America and you call America home, then you already know.

(((your inner

"War and Freedom in America"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!