War and Freedom in America Headline

War stories are like fish stories, why do we continue to put soo much truth and credibility in to them?

Have you ever been involved in a physical altercation with anyone, did you create a plaque and put it on your wall? Do we honor and submit to the baddest gun in the land?

Americans do not want justice nor to be just. Why do we dictate to others what we refuse to do ourselves? Why do we make laws knowing we are not going to follow them, yet want to administer disciplinary action for those we find in violation?

I thought I was free for a long time until this fact occurred to me,  Americans want to believe they are the epitome of freedom the world over, but this could not be further from the truth.

Why do I say "the world over"? Because we employ so many extraordinary instruments and tactics, both covert and overt to gather intelligence on our foreign neighbors, anyone, who puts forth this kind of energy to spy on their neighbors, neglects their own and is involved with terrorism and organized crime.

People have a right to privacy, no matter how curious we are about their behavior. Reverse the situation; Americans do not want foreign neighbors spying on us, why not? Americans do not even want their own government spying on us, but it continues to happen, why? So, there is the constant threat of war and speculation -drama.

Accusations are constantly being made and entertained, over the perception of what a spy thinks he observed and analyzed and that includes mass media. The other proof is we believe we are responsible enough to have weapons of mass destruction, but we are the first to severely scrutinize any other foreign neighbor for the same. Who would authorize us to create and maintain weapons of mass destruction and why do we need them? Could I get away with creating an even bigger bomb, under the pretense of defending my people? No war has ever been fought over the love of people or defending people, land and resource, but over seeking personal gain.

Based upon our violent and abusive history, why would any foreign neighbor approve this decision for such a criminally insane people? Maturity, why do Americans boast of being a #1 world power and why do we take advantage of this perceived power to force others to conform to our demands?

Dumb, stupid, idiotic and unwise Americans, why do I say this? Do you know how the new America came into being? Do you consider this “an act of peace, love, caring, compassion, responsibility” any of those things about which we are too quick to defend against when they involve our foreign neighbors? How does deceiving the indigenous people of this land, initiating war and killing them to extinction qualify as any of those constitutional rights and freedoms by which we profess to live? Then, on top of that, participating in The Trans-Atlantic Slave trade? There are numerous more examples but we have not properly confessed nor abstained from these two most blatant and heinous atrocities committed against humanity.

Listening to a program accusing Trump supports of being dumb and stupid, it was a confirmation how irresponsible these people were when asked for logical explanations why they disliked Barack Obama and view The Donald as a better man. This program was a proof, “Americans do not want justice nor to be just”, not even in the simplest of matters.

Why would any man, how could he stomach the needless mass murders of fellow innocent human beings, to include women and children? Why would any human being settle when we know we are still committing the same heinous crimes? Is it still happening today, then; I will ask to tell me when did it STOP? We had Indian wars, but what do you call American Slavery? Were not the same war tactics applied?

Wars are about people, not individuals. An individual justifies his participation by being a soldier for his people, even though, at the end of his service, the same people treat him like the same ole shit before serving. Soldiers do not fight wars for the love of people, land and resources, but to seek personal gain. The heroism we define for our heroes is fuel by this all, no matter the logic or consequences. American organized crime and terrorism reign supreme masters in their ability to cleverly conceal their oppression of their own people to the point where the battlefield appears more lucrative than one’s own ability to provide for themselves. Even crazier, we know this is criminal activity, we profess in daily life and religion, we are not guilty, but thoughts of personal and selfish gain tempt us into being hypocrites anyway.  We intentionally deceive and betray what we tell others not to do.

Add insult to injury, Black Americans who suffered oppression by White Americans, unite with their oppressor because we want what they have and feel justified in demanding equal rights. My question is, how in the hell can you be free by uniting with the person and people who kicked your ass, took away your human rights, enslaved you, never apologized and you had to fight him just  to get him to acknowledge you as "deserving" of the same rights and privileges and he reluctantly shared just enough for you to "think" you are making progress? Why would the victor of a battle to rule over its victims be so willing to share the rights and privileges for which they so diligently won in order to be free to oppress you? What kind of justice is this? Why would Black Americans, the victims, feel compelled and be required to humbly enter into peaceful dialogue and/or friendly competition with their ruthless and violent superior victor?

If the victims must abide by the same constitution which tolerated the enslavement of them, how can you feel free? If the victor created and imposed the same justice system to ensure the enforcement of his laws and the victim still denied to create and impose his system of justice, how is this justice for victims? When you divorce your wife, must she still abide by your rule?

Ever ask yourself why nothing works in American anymore? Why are we so hard on each other? Why are we so deceitful? Why we consider buying from a foreign source more economically sound than buying locally? What about outsourcing? How foreigners can have a better credit score in America, than hardworking Americans? Why are our systems failing us? Why profits take precedence over people? Do we hate each other this much? Who is responsible for all these self-destructive decisions? Amazing how the indigenous people had significantly less of these problems and was happy enough to share with us, what we refuse to share with them!

Still being a slave would cause a people accustomed to being in slavery to view the illusion of inclusion as a measure of slow progress in their struggle to get out of slavery or gain favor, when in fact, it is just another ploy, on behalf of both parties, to keep you enslaved. This is why White Americans still tolerate Black Americans. In our efforts to assimilate, instead of demanding dignity and respect, we are too willing to do their dirty work for personal gain. We have grown to ignore us as a people, for us as an individual, but they have not and yet we blame them.

This article is not about racism, discrimination, seeking favor... in America but about a mindset, an attitude, which resonates with  refusing to trade the devil we know for the devil we do not know, how does this make things better? Proof is in the people, land and resources with whom I am most familiar, New America and Americans.

Americans refuse to properly acknowledge and address deadly sins, in exchange for our own arrogant understanding; yet we claim we do/have, in spite of the blatant evidence, pain and suffering for which, we are too eager to blame each other. This is our justification for ignoring the individual responsibility to change from within. Therefore, we continue to indulge and be plagued by the systemic problems of domestic terrorism, organized crime, violence and abuse.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!