Sorry Asses Why Not Help 

What happens when you feel helpless?

Is that a personal problem or systemic problem? Why people don’t want to do shit for my sorry ass? My parents often said, “if you ain’t helping you’re hurting”.

Whatever! Is that your truth? How caring are you? It seems that “loving thang” never works, it always seems to escape us at the most critical time. How much does it take for you to fly off the handle?

Today, there was a whole family, including two kids begging because they lost their jobs, is begging the new kind of employment? Why are charities growing at an alarming rate?

Ever fell out with your spouse or partner? Why do we fall out? You love each other but for some reason you allow this person to push your buttons. Why can’t we disagree without getting angry?

Then, there’s always the perceived race card and again you allowed your ego to get the best of you. Too often we fly-off-the-handle with the wrong person and for the wrong reasons. Instead of refusing to be a slave we accepted it and used every reason to justify slavery. The mentality is "take advantage of someone else".

We allow something so trivial to cause us to lose everything. Most of the time it’s the people closest to us, on which we take our anger out. Is there a such thing as “getting too close”? Why was there a need for slavery in the first place? Why doesn't our economic system promote based on character instead of profits?

Now, back to the original question, why don’t people want to do shit for our sorry asses? People, including yourself, can’t be trusted, we’re phony as hell and when we learn we’ve been betrayed, it angers us and we do some crazy stuff- ruthless destruction and spoiling of anything beautiful. Instead of fixing the problem we get more police, adding fuel to the fire. We stop helping and start working against one another, depression sets in and things just escalate from there?

We can’t do shit alone and like ants in an ant hill we need each other. “Help” is the word that directly equates to our job market and our job market directly equates to our ability to help one another. Somehow we can’t achieve the healthy balance between helping and working, which are one in the same.

Money is our greatest median of exchange which we have corrupted and we depend on others to do our jobs for us. Unfortunately, money has become our God, measuring stick for success. We need more medians of exchange to help balance the need for cash. We’re addicted to cold hard cash. Who hires who?

We take great losses to enjoy the privileges of driving. Do you know how many people, animals and properties are destroyed daily, just so you can drive to work? The more we get the less apt we are to help. And we live in a world where it’s increasingly harder to tell what’s real.

So, when you want to know why nobody wants to do shit for your sorry ass, ask what are you doing to help yourself and how does this help others. How easy is it to hire good help anymore? Now, you know what happened to our job market.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!