Wall Street and Main Street America

Was Wall Street really designed to meet the needs of Main Street?

What is the major difference between Main St. America and Wall Street America? Wall St. is where the money is and Main St. is where the votes are.Votes and money were created to represent the people but what went wrong?

When you talk Wall St. America that is some pretty elite talk, but does that accurately describe the views of the vast majority of Americans?

Who starts the wars, who fights the wars?

Who makes the money, who spends the money – millions, billion, trillions?

Who bails out who?

Wall St. is a financial system devoted to reckless speculation and spending producing nothing of real value and, as we now know, presents a serious risk to the whole global economy - corporate greed, dishonesty, fraud and arrogance.

Now, ask yourself that question again -Does Wall St. America gives a shit about Main St. America? Is Wall St. meeting the needs of Main St.? The answer has to be unequivocally NO, we allow them to reek havoc! Wall Street turned from serving Main Street to preying on it.The greed, recklessness, and illegal behavior caused Americans to lose jobs, homes and life savings.

So, why is Main St. America so caring about Wall St. America, a handful of reckless people?

Wall St. is made up of a small group of cowards, who have a way tricking Main St. into following their lead. They use the money made by Main St. to keep Main St. chomping at the bit? It used deceptive practices to encourage people to run up credit card and mortgage debts far beyond their means to repay, and then hit the victims with special fees and usurious interest rates as they inevitably fell behind in their payments. To get the high risk mortgages off their balance sheets, the banks sold them to brokers who packaged them into tradable securities with inflated quality ratings. The banks that made the decision to extend the bad credit collected their fees and passed the risk on to others. Proceeds from the sale of the overrated securities were used to finance more lending to unqualified borrowers. Many of these overrated securities ultimately ended up in the portfolios of retirement funds, passing the risk back to Main Street workers and pensioners who had no voice in any of the decisions involved. Main Street Before Wall Street

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