Paying and earning a million dollars

Do I have a million dollars worth of anything?

Let's see?

Investments and return on investments are the only requirements needed to make you a millionaire.

Like karma, know it works both ways. Paying a person millions means earning even more millions to be paid. 

The thought of paying someone millions of dollars just ain’t conceivable for 99% of us. But thoughts of earning millions are very real to 99% of us. Simply we do not want to take the risk, so we do other things instead.

Out of the very fortunate few to earn this kind of cash, the idea of paying someone else millions of dollars is not conceivable to 99% of them. Even though you’re slaving your life away to push them further up the ladder, they do not see you on the same ladder. Your value to them is not the same. They just don’t think that way do they?

Now, what can they do you can’t? Do you apply a million dollars worth of work to your efforts? Can you even imagine the kind of self-commitment required to generate a million dollars? You’re sitting on a gold mine.

Do you have the ability to make your neighborhood a million dollar community? Do you manage your resources like they are worth millions? There’s nothing a worker can do you can’t but for people who pay this kind of money there are some very well kept secrets that make them different.

You don't need to sell anything illegal or steal but know you're competing against crime and corruption. Learn how to take advantage of what you have with what's available. Knowledge is the greatest value and know what you possess is critically needed in our society. If it was not so you would not be here.

In what currency are we dealing? Is this the only currency or is this the only currency you want me to understand?

Know it ain't what they teach you in school otherwise there would be no reason for school. Achieving wealth is not a me thing, but a we thing. The people by which you surround yourself must be dependable and that ain't easy to find these days.

Working for millions is a lot different from those in the business of creating millions to pay someone else. There is quite a bit of “game changing attitude” required, then to be able to separate your image from who you really are and what’s really going on will save you lots of Bill Cosby type humiliation.

The business of owning and operating a million dollar business is high risk and very treacherous. Corporate America ain’t no joke. You will spend a lifetime of sleepless nights and early mornings preparing, rehearsing, keeping secrets and worrying out of concern for getting it right and keeping it that way until you get paid. Time is money and money is time. Who wants to waste valuable time? The higher the risk the more money likely to be paid.

There are some people better avoided. There are well more people who don't care than there are who do and these people don't want to see you make it-- go figure.

The majority of people on the money journey perished due to lack of knowledge. Then, who doesn’t fail on their first try and how many of those survive to try again?

I used to be broke until I figured out those whose only measurement of wealth is their money live a much less quality of life than me. Remember, we teach just the opposite.

To earn huge profits require a huge investment in self. To be wealthy does not require money, but investment of the kind of the time and effort required by those around you to make "them" wealthy. That is tremendous power and wealth. BONUS;;; you can take my kind of wealth with you and fear no one, absolutely no one can take it away. True excellence commands higher pay and no work goes unrewarded. We can all be wealthy together.

(((your inner

"Violence, Racism, Hatred for Freedom and Peace"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!