Violence, Racism, Hatred for Freedom and Peace???

The acclamation of Freedom and Peace in a healthy society...what are acceptable levels of violence, racism and hatred? Can we save ourselves from ourselves?

Violence, Racism, Hatred for Freedom and Peace is this what you’re preaching, teaching and selling? It's a sad state of affairs but here we go to correct this all. Who knows our problems better than us?

Violence, Racism, Hatred are toxic to any society, not desired therefore, extreme measures are implemented to minimize the death, destruction, chaos, confusion, hurt, harm and danger caused by them. Americans say there are less of them but are necessary evils to maintain our level of freedom and peace. What happens when the level of violence, racism and hatred exceed allowable limits to sustain a healthy society? The spirit of caring is lost and lower levels of freedom and peace become accepted. Before you can help anyone else you must first help yourself. Does peace start from without or within?

Freedom and peace are desirable qualities in every healthy society, for the safety and security of all things. They are necessary to operate most effective and efficient, down to the lowest level. Freedom is the ability to listen to your inner voice and execute your will without harming others - peace. Freedom is what we call “being a mature adult”. America says we have more of them, even though experience says just the opposite.

What is this saying one thing while another is actually happening? Today, we’re more divided than ever and one group enjoys being pitted against another. We think our ability to pay gives us rights, knowing these rights are only subject to the ability of the next person to pay. We are constantly  seeking someone else, even God and religion, to fix our problems while ignoring our own abilities. We are supposed to be struggling together to achieve our highest goals, not working against each other to achieve selfish goals and calling it things like progress and friendly competition.

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We say we’re free and live in peace; and at the same time we’re extremely toxic to each other and anything that does not look like us? We employ our technological advances for our own personal gain. It is in this onslaught of violence, abuse and racism, we’re in a serious state of denial, why? Knowing it is all about the dollar is scary, making you want to just "give up and give in" to temptation.

To our  own demise, we've divided ourselves into two distinct groups. These two groups of people make up societies of the world, the status quo and the general public. The status quo are "the powers that be", a very small group who enjoy living off the fat of the land, while denying others, gives extraordinary power and authority over people, land and resources; by the people. This group consists of our leaders and balance is lost when this group achieves punitive power over the general public, denying any other group free access to what is rightfully theirs.

The general public is the larger group/the main body of people lured together for their own safety, security, and promises of peace and prosperity. Here the balance is lost when the main body is neglected for the status quo. Like the tale of a snake with the head cut off your efforts mean nothing. The general public is used by the status quo to carry out the plans of the status quo. Severely restricting their freedom and peace for personal gain, even to the demise of the general public.

What honor is there in destroying or severely restricting life giving land and resources, we’re sworn to protect and serve, even for a profit? Our God given purpose is to get better, to leave this world a better place by properly utilizing people, land and resources, at which we have miserably and repeatedly failed.

By whose measure have we failed? Who is to blame when we can't stop living the life of luxury?

Repeated failure is necessary but failing to correct our mistakes while trying again and again is negligence in judgment. Hope is not reality. We’ve neglected our communities for profit and assimilation. We value their awards more than our own and when not received we want to do things like protest, boycott... but how can you force me to share my table with you? To disguise this all we’ve abandoned and forsaken our personal value systems, destroying the foundation for future generations. Simple is now more complicated??. Denying our failures is refusing to acknowledge what needs to be corrected to succeed.

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Our leaders, I’ll call the status quo, meaning they are no different than the enemy they fight. Enemies are not born but created and rather than using peaceful measures to resolve our differences, we choose to use intimidation and violence forcing people into submission. Although we say physical force is not our first line of defense, we use the threat of violence for the courage to approach anyone perceived as a threat. Boasting of being the world's greatest military power is another means we so cleverly use to intimidate and manipulate.

On top of all the domestic brutality and abuse escalating, American leaders are fanatically dictating the need to be better armed to defend against created and perceived threats. To better protect ourselves from ourselves and to continue improving our military might, as we the people are funneled through holding pins, for their own selfish use. We're living in fear of what we think the powers that be will do to you and/or your love ones.

This propaganda is preached so much by the status quo it has replaced our better judgment and has become an accepted lifestyle for freedom and justice. Living this lavish lifestyle makes it harder to give up convenience. People, who would not normally engage in oppression and violence of their fellow human beings, are now persuaded into submission. The status quo, whose only concern is themselves, does not fight wars but instigate them and use their corrupt powerful influence to commission and enlist soldiers and the support of the general public to fight their violent battles. Achieving peace through war???

To stop this pattern of violence and abuse. Do you want it or don’t you want it? The latter is futile and the aforementioned means great sacrifice and better use of what remains, knowing our sacrifice will yield a much more productive lifestyle.

We perish for the lack of knowledge. As individuals, we must realize and acknowledge this unnecessary evil, come together, implement peaceful and positive steps to change this course and characteristic, execute to ensure this violent pattern is not repeated. This is how you come together.

How can I do this? Are you tired of living this way? Know you can make a difference. Make it known to all what's going on. Don't be afraid to take a stand, everybody, know you're not alone in this storm. Do it for you.

I must muster the courage to intelligently challenge the status quo, in a timely manner -- an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I must solicit the support of those understanding and desiring this noble cause and together implement peaceful measures to regain the freedoms we once held so near and dear.

Who knows better how to solve our problems better than us? It is time now to empower ourselves, "man know thyself". I thank God for our ancestors who better understood this and endured to this end.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!