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The correlation factor has finally caught up to us???

Especially, living anywhere on the east coast of America. Between domestic violence and abuse and news abroad, the media can hardly keep up and instead of trying to run around and report it, we might want stay home and figure out a better way of dealing.

In my hometown, I saw it rain harder than I've even seen it rain in the past sixty years, but it did not last as long. Animals being struck by lightening and huge traffic problems. Inmates escapes brutally murdering correction officers while at the same time, inmates in another state are herald heroes for saving a correction officer??? It ain't inmates which scare me so much as it is today's most trusted, gun wheeling and well known "wanna be's".

Bill Cosby narrowly escapes one guillotine, while preparing for the next. Warmbier virtually sent home in a body bag after being sentenced to hard labor for allegedly trying to steal a hotel room poster in North Korea, still no conclusions about cause of death. Excessive rains, flooding, high winds, severe thunderstorms and wildfires, leaves America with hardly a safe place to take refuge. Food, farmers having trouble getting in their fields to tend their crops and announcements of Amazon getting into the grocery business. We want even mention crime both at home and abroad.

Though we pretend living in a large world, no connection, racial tensions,don't know each other, the world within which we actually live is very small.

And guess what: There ain't shit we can do about it because we are so corporately designed and driven, we'll have to wait for someone else to fix these problems. Please support Humble Farm Refuge

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!