Sophisticated WannaBees

I tell the truth because I want to be better and there are too many in our society misinforming and misleading. It ain't the ones you think but the ones you look up to. They are put in key positions to trap our women, children, seniors, family members and parents allow this to happen.

Did you know people do evil shit to you and do not give a damn, they do not care who they hurt and they leave you feeling like shit...all under the guise of helping you. You must find a way of getting these things off your chest. Nobody else can do it for you.

The human aspect of life and Money Traps. There is a quote which says, the wealthy get rich off the weaknesses of the poor, but I beg to differ and here is how this all unfolds.

A person who would like to be different from how they are, typically, such persons would like to become rich, famous, or admired by the world at large. Now, there is nothing wrong with this, as long as you do not put yourself above others, think you are better or put others beneath you or the human aspect of life will be lost and you will be forever resigned to ignorance, pain and suffering - karma. It will be the same ignorance, pain and suffering you caused to others - inhumane treatment.

If you can believe it, if you can see it, you can achieve it. There are people who go around telling you this but is what you want, what they want and/or what is needed? Take Black Americans for example. We cannot get anywhere because we are so fucking clickish and inundated with that Willie Lynch bullshit , it ain’t funny. We have been programmed to think, we cannot get anywhere without knocking the next man down, even to the destruction of family.

The illusion is poor folks being considered prey for the wealthy, when the reality of this all is: It is “Sophisticated WannaBees” who are the perpetrators of this great crime. To further exploit and support this misnomer, this gross form of violence and abuse, our society, a society accustomed to being secretly dictated to, has implemented sophisticated means and measures, criteria, skills, education, religion… ways they can become even more wealthy by working off the weaknesses of Sophisticated Wannabees, luring poor, unsuspecting people into these MONEY TRAPS. The wealthy become even wealthier from the weaknesses of Sophisticated WannaBees.

This creates dissension within the ranks, you had nothing and still have nothing because all you are doing is fooling yourself. Then there is the constant chaos and confusion, big I’s and little U’s and every time these slick motherfuckers come out smelling like a rose.

We used to have Uncle Toms… Our parents worked hard and sacrificed for a better life, filled with dignity and respect, but these WannaBees have fucked this all up with their own system. For them, it is all about “appearance, illusion”. They ain’t going to help you do a damn, they cannot reciprocate, only dictate and they are all about one thing: themselves. They are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing portraying themselves as preachers, religious folk, teachers, students, politicians, car salesman, middle men…. They do not produce shit, do not build, repair nor maintain,,, but they can tell you. They can not keep shit, even blessing from their parents, nothing is ever good enough. They do not own any damn thing, never will, but they can lure you by causing you to think, you are nor anything you have is ever good enough, but they really want it. The thing is, they don't even have that.

All they are doing is resigning themselves to helping the owners of money traps, get more victims in these traps and for this great travesty, they are paid pennies. Then, they give these pennies right back by moving in their neighborhoods, buying their cars, they do not mind and think it to be okay for them to be conspicuous consumers but not okay for the rest of us and being a snitch makes them look good in front of their bosses. Since their pennies come from the owners of these traps, they feel approved, better than the rest of us because of their illusion of inclusion.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!