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Environmental awareness, how conscious is our public?

A message from tiny group of three original incorporating members, change trends and hope changes will not come too late? These are notes I took while reading: the dangers of chemical pollution. Environmental disasters seemed to be on the increase; “People realized that if the country was so polluted that rivers could burn, we had a serious problem.” This was in the sixties so where are we today?  ZPG joined forces with other organizations such as National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood of America, the American Civil Liberties Union, and numerous others to convince politicians of the need for change.--- ZPG

I wonder what happened to this movement and today I am still in awe of the efforts of this organization to take action and bring about change, based on the fact People are going to sex themselves in to extinction.

Though the actions of this organization appear to be very invasive, there is some truth to what's being said. If you consider the fact of how America has evolved I would say, destruction will not come from overpopulation due to sex, but from corporate greed and all the horrible tricks executed to make a profit, at any cost. In this regard, Americans are out of control. 

America, as we know her today, has reached this point and we keep building, constructing and inviting other business interest, for profit. Today, it is all about profit and the wealthy being in control. 

Of course this ideology makes sense only to people in the first/second world...not in countries/cultures that are so poor/uneducated/isolated that they must rely on having offspring to survive. Fuckin sad...  This sentence I used to think was true but today, I strongly feel the ways of first and second world countries are so wicked, nothing we say or do can be trusted. Plus, I do think reproduction is a must for any society to survive and if we were not so fucking greedy, things like overpopulation and global warming would not be of such concern today.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!