What happened to the skills that sustained our ancestors for many millennia?

Why were they so important, why have they all but disappeared? Is this intentional or natural? Whatever happened to learn, practice and share?

Why would any man want to participate in anything considered "unnatural"? Why any man in his or her right mind want to work against Mother Nature? If we aren't living in a harmonious and sustainable way, what are we doing?

Skills which sustained our ancestors for many millennia, why did we abandoned  them for what we have today? We have things but why do we abuse them so? What good is anything when you either don't know how to use it or abuse it?

Why would we abandon opportunities to experience the kind of community that humanity was born into and aboriginal people around the world have lived in for ages? We have implemented so many  programs to resolve our issues, but have only created more. Don't we realize what's we're doing and do we want to do something about it?

We've given a whole new meaning to the ideas of learning, practicing and sharing and what we're now sharing ain't worth the paper it's written on. The fun, the desire to make new friendships, learn new skills and share has been so "over complicated" you can't trust nobody. We've exploited every resource available to us and looking to exploit even more and all for all the "wrong reasons". Whatever happened to take what you need and "leave the rest"? Why do we want to control and manipulate each other over these "God-given-resources"?

It's time again to have fun, make new friends, renew old friendships, learn new skills, and share what you know about living gently with the Earth. Now is the chance to show yourself and your children alternatives to the unnatural modern society which exists all around us. Now is the time to get-back-to-nature.

Relearn how to relax around, build campfires, sing, dance and tell stories without starting war. When people come together to renew their relationship with the Earth only good things come forth. Seek out the day-to-day living skills which allowed our ancient ancestors to live with the Earth in a harmonious and sustainable way.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!