Something More Than A Roll In The Hay

Why is sex so misunderstood, so complicated?

Do you ever think of all the drama we create to do what we do? We create great things but our use of them is blinded by profit, as we watch everything we need and value flee from our grasp.

We act as if we were born with cash to pay for all which has already been given. We live in a time when natural is no longer natural. Why do we need to raise money, knowing it benefits us not?

There has to be something much, much more amorous to life than this thing we call love. What I see is one thing, what I experience is another and what I know is again another.  Domestic violence and abuse runs rampart in our blood.

People want to know what they’re getting into so they can make more informed decisions. We want happiness, we want peace, harmony, joy, passion… but our system of justice just won’t allow.

Do you really understand the meaning of love, the neglect and guilty feelings, about managing it, are emotionally and mentally draining. Our efforts to act like what we think others want to see smothers our creativity and individuality.

What is same sex and is it anything new? Why, what good does it do to hide what is so obvious? What good does it do to deceive self? Where is the fun in that?

We don’t want to go where you go nor do what you do, but they want you to believe we have the key. We think we’re so strong, we fear being called wrong.

Why is our definition of family more distorted than ever? Hello from the other side, it's me and I'm wondering, after all these years, why hasn't time healed shit?

We tell no one about the battlefield of time. How we don’t have it and are getting less and less of it, because we spend the majority of it escaping our responsibilities. And when not doing that, we’re minding somebody else’s business.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!