Sometimes you hit'em and... Shit is scary!

by me
(where are you)

Hit'em, that's abuse isn't it? Well, not in this way. What i'm saying is: Sometimes you hit'em and sometimes you miss'em?

There are a few who hit more than others, but there is many kinds of games. Just because you hit'em more than others, don't believe, don't forget, there is somebody on the other side who can handle you.

You know we talk about power, all the shit we do to boast about kicking somebody else's ass, do you ever stop to think somebody just might be on the other side, you know nothing about? Can you see around corners or do you just take for granted? There is something out there that will kick your ass? Just as sure as your name is David, just as sure as you honestly believe you are "kicking somebody's ass" there is one motherfucker out there kicking yours just the same. Takes two to tangle.

It, what, all this shit we cause you to believe, about safe, secure, protected by the constitution, better than everybody else, cameras, alarms, removal of the Indians, Free ride off the backs of Africans, any fucking African. That's funny! Are dark skinned people really inferior to white skinned people? Totally, different question: Are lighter skinned people better than dark skinned people, smarter, knowing how to best operate businesses, creating healthy jobs, striving economy,,,you know? All this shit was going on when I got here.

Are Jews, Muslims, Christians what's the fucking difference, here today gone tomorrow? The Strip will still be here. Instead of figuring out ways to "get each other", why not do just the fucking opposite? Doesn't that make perfect sense? What do you gain the other way?

When they go low we go high, but for who? What the hell happened to Hillary? Who really is the leader of this country? Are they repub, demo and is it just the opposite tomorrow? Do we really know who and who's the fuck we are? Must I remind you crazy motherfuckers. Now, a lot people are angry and upset, including the President Elect. It's shocking, plain old ignorance to just figure out The Russians "might" have interfered in your elections. What are we going to do, are we, just why don't we go over and kick their asses back. Think about shit. Does any Black American possess the technological ability, the free voting rights, civil rights, did we think we could, was, having the effect, we thought we were having? Cat's out of the bag! Who has been lying to us and why are we lying to our own people? Don't something need to interrupt this corrupt bullshit? Think about it. there are fucking consequences for treating people wrong, people, land and resources do not fucking belong to no human being. Or do you honestly believe you were included? Don't shit happen to royalty just like it happen for and to anyone else? What about you hit few and miss a lot because we miss a lot more than we hit? Why do we make this stupid difference and then want to justify it?

Do you reckon President Elect is going to give us or do we already know? If he's for the removal of Mexicans, Latinos, god damit anybody who does not belong here,,, whose next on the list? Even though he has a valid passport, does he actually belong here, how do you know? Who makes the rules governing who belongs here? It surely ain't the people who really belong here. So, somewhere somebody is lying, history books? What does Indian Removal really mean, does it mean using the use of force to fucking kick their asses out and getting a hard on because of that? Where is there any honor in betraying the people who welcomed you? Truth be told.

Think about shit, Jesus has not forgotten your monkey asses, you are just too stupid to know better. Is the forgiving decided by you or is there a power above? If you can just forgive yourself and move on, why do we have all these other motherfuckers in jail? If you didn't go to jail for all the murders, rapes, robberies, fucking other people people, family members, kids, seniors...terrorist, terrorism, KKK. You can get angry, make decisions, be intelligent, fair, square, dignified... doesn't that mean you are the guilty one? You would jail me, if i decided to build a highway across somebody else's land, drunks jailing the drunks.

If we were the judge and jury, we'ed have to lock our own asses up, just like we're doing. If they gave, still giving Ba'''Obama hell, just imagine what you are going through? When you don't know better, all you ever seen was, your parents taught you and turned you over to Institutions of Higher Learning, something happened to your dumb ass and the same shit happened to them.

It ain't over, they do not have the last word, there is just as many powers above them as there are stars in the sky. Believe you me, all it takes is one fucking ant, mosquito, fly, nat... that will just fuck them up. Does not matter which color, state, education, position...the kinds of things matters least and we know it. But whatever the fuck got into our pea brains, can you believe we got into our own brains? That's it in a nutshell, just like same-sex gets into same-sex, we just turned around and walked into our own brains.

What wrong with that? The problem is we honestly want you to believe otherwise. We actually think we've got the rest of the world believing we are a greater power and if you do not respect this shit, we are going to blow job your ass away, same-sex.

It's crazy, ludacris but it ain't the way it is. It is not "what it is" it is, what you believe it is and when you believe someone anyone has authority over you, you already know. If they step into this position, fake, phony, egotistical, there is something they ain't going to like,,,just waiting for them on the other side.

Police don't control shit, just look at the increase in crime. The more police, the more crime,,,just maybe.. what would you suggest as the reason? Could it be the people, from where comes the policemen? How do they live one way and patrol another? Why are black cops so hard on black people? why are black execs so hard on black people, Why do Black Americans catch so much more hell? We don't believe it, I don't know which is worse voodoo or democracy?


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