Talking with Black American Women?

Have you ever tried holding a responsible conversation with a Black American Woman lately? Especially, one who considers herself accomplished?

I understand the concerns of holding a responsible conversation with White American women, but why do Black American Women aspire to be like them?

Why is it so rare to find a responsible Black American woman with whom a responsible Black American man can engage in responsible conversation and we be on the same sheet of music?

Something is going on in the darkness because no matter how undesirable a Black American Woman may appear to be, there are two things on which you can count, she has a baby and a cell phone. And when I'm talking undesirable, I am not talking ugly or about her physical attributes but about her ability and determination to be a responsible adult. You can say men are the same but two wrongs doesn't make a right.

In our society, it is customary for men to be loyal, supportive... of their women, starting with their mother but what does a man do when he realizes his parents are victims of  American confusion, misinformed and misguided? Like Harriet Tubman said, had they known, she would have freed millions more?

Why are our women so eager to engage in acts of great responsibility without being responsible or in a position of responsibility? Why do they do a better job at holding their counterpart equally responsible? Well, if you cannot, why do you continue to engage, knowing all the long term pain and suffering this is causing?

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After reading your thoughts on "Talking to Black American Women" and getting out of my own way, I realized it took me back to the age of 14 and the original …

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!