$10000 dollars, Fast, Legal and Fun with Art Thomas!

Up from the grave he arose, yes, it is me, from this to...and I say the same to you: Rise up!

Did you know fun is expensive and though we would like to believe "rising up" is possible, we really have little faith in this endeavor! I am here to work with you and tell you, there is a way out and together, we can better achieve this. Everybody can be great, all you have to do is serve and you can build a good business selling bad coffee, as long as you are consistent.

How do I get started? I'm probably much like you, love to enjoy life, want to be the best Art I can be and sharing it, but I have an inclination about the way we do most  things and this is: "I know there is a much better, a much easier, a more enjoyable...way to go about living. I'm very spiritually inclined, so I see the bottom as  the top and the top as some mystical thing we've created. I want to live the lifestyle which "I" dream. I also want you to know I am the webmaster for more than 13 years and 5,000 pages, so lots of writing and understanding. Among many other things, today I would like to add the word, Solopreneur to my resume.

Life has been very good to me, I've come a long way and have managed to enter places and spaces of which most only dream and a few places to which I would like not to return.

Can you believe someone, a fellow American would charge you in excess of ten thousand dollars for a much needed home repair? What about $20,000 for a much needed automobile? Have you ever paid for a Doctor's visit lately and they no longer come to your home? What about a loan, interest rates and Lord,,,don't miss a payment, lol? Applying for school and other than being deeper in debt, what will you earn? I think you get my point, just doesn't make much sense any more. Costs just keep rising at an alarming rate but income is fixed, never enough and always a gimmick.

My disclosure up front: To thy own self be true! My disclosure has nothing to do with this business opportunity, but all to do with who I am and my work: (((Every once and a while I am known to “drop a bomb” in my articles and my writings, so if this offends you, please take precautionary action,,, However, it would not be me if I didn’t tell the truth. I will keep it as clean as I can, but know you are forewarned. This is my story and Let's Have fun exceeding our financial needs for once!!!)))

Who would not want to earn 10,000 bucks, especially if you are in need? Even at this mature stage in life, 10,000 is a nice little piece of chicken change and challenge. This amount is a realistic way of getting started, without scaring off some, who might view this as a GRQ scheme.

Like Alaska and taxes and some of the other more affluent countries like Saudi Arabia....there is enough earning potential the world over to make every American a very wealthy person, if we were so inclined. Today we have more power at our finger tips than entire generations before us. What will we do with it?

There's no shortage of people desiring/needing to read exactly what you're reading right now and also to do what you have an opportunity to do. All we have to do is "humbly and sincerely reach out to them" and what better way than the internet? There are so many avenues to show the world exactly who we would like to be, but which one is best for you? Do we ever become who are and for how long? As soon as you accomplish one thing then off to the next.

hat's your story? More important, what is your solution? If you have experienced life to any extent, then you have a story, just as celebrities in the tabloids. How much would it cost to publish and what would you have to do to sell it? 

Consistent, Residual and Passive gains would be my criteria for taking on any venture, so keep reading. The ability to create a foundation to set the bar for this kind of gain is my goal. It has to be legit, easy to get in or out, simple, no pressure tactics, offer the ability to move forward and possess unlimited earning potential, “all” at my own pace.

Many of my friends are going through the agony of writing hard copy books to tell their story, but isn’t this becoming a bit outdated? Much of this hype is in perceived prestige of being in great demand by a company hoping to make profit and nothing wrong with this but think about it? What does "to be published" really mean: to make information available to people, especially in a book, magazine, or newspaper, or to produce and sell a book, magazine, or newspaper: She's just had an article published. ... Her publishers knew they were taking a gamble when they agreed to publish such an unusual story.

How many books can you put on a shelf and how many shelves are needed, the web is a shelf.

Our children. New ideas and explorations, will they go to the book shelf or computer-Thinkers, Doers, Idea-generators are Solopreneurs?

Why not do it all yourself and save all that time and effort? Is it just you can’t say you’ve written a book? Well, I have written several and they are all digital, published and edited by me. Ever wonder why so many wealthy people go broke…they hired the wrong people.

Where is your audience? Do you have a clue what group you are targeting or maybe interested in you story? Is it of national or international interest? Who is your character?  Are you shooting for the moon and hoping to land on the stars?

Why ten thousand, because this is what I needed at the time, now how much do you need?

Can you put it out there and for the education component of life, prove "if you can believe it you can achieve it and how"? We have visions but resources and tools are limited. Then, our minds want to use the path of least resistance but society, rules and regulations dictate otherwise, fearing failure rather than craving success. As a result we are skeptical of each other and everything we do. This is a very debilitating mindset and barrier to success. You would be surprised at who can and will help you, if only because they too can identify with your situation, just as they did me. The solution would be to get paid for purchasing a website and rewarded again for presenting your story to help others. You would be your everything, which more people would to learn how to be.

Mass media, I searched the internet and found I’m not the only one and many people are taking to the web to tell their story, but how many are being rewarded. Others are making lots of money doing exactly the same thing, but not just for kicks.

Promoting other people products and services but the one thing I did not like was, all the time and effort required learning their system and the shit is constantly changing, I do not desire to keep up such a fast pace.

Age?  I thank old schools for blazing the trails and paving the way! Age really has nothing to do with this venture, accept for wisdom. For us who are over 50, finding a good paying job…just to meet your financial crisis is damn near impossible. So, I wanted to share with you that my greatest financial burden came at age “sixty one”. Literally, my house, car, dreams were going to fall apart if I did not come up with a quick $10,000 to meet necessary expenses and to make repairs.

Now, I could go get a loan and figure out how to pay it back, ask a friend, join a multi-level marketing group, get a job,,,,the list goes on but at my age, I really didn’t want a bunch of aggravation. Then, I realized I was already sitting on the “just right” opportunity for me and all I had to do was muster the courage to tell the truth and step out on faith. People receive assistance every day, from the right people knowing and telling the truth is some kind of stress reliever and/or therapy for depression. But for my venture all the technical junk is already done, all you have to do is publish it. And they even have ways of helping you share it. Then, reap the rewards of sharing it yourself on any platform and these platforms are already setup...just start sharing your truth with everyone you know and living it. Do you think this to be achievable,  can you envision yourself being rewarded, in more ways than one? ###

How much work? Do you call living your dreams work? Are you worth it? Do you deserve it and can you see yourself earning it? Depends on to what you are comparing: roofing, carpentry, purchasing, leasing, constantly updating websites, creating videos, promoting other brands, products and services… none of which you have to do unless you want. In other words this system is already up and running; and all you have to do is “get in, write your story and promote yourself”. Now, you will ask, how do you do that but I will save this for a personal conversation, like write it and you will know.

Award winning subject material. Your favourite magazine with news, homes and gardens, food and drink, arts and leisure, wildlife, history, sport and a great Out & About social section, PLUS stunning photography, justice, anything pertinent to this great land, people and resources.

What do people want? Speed + Convenience and they want it NOW. They want to do as less a possible but receive maximum benefit. Here all the technical stuff is done for you. They want an An AWESOME Experience + Status, to feel very good about what they're doing. This program is built upon these principles.

Promoting you? Not only will you have had the opportunity to share your unique vision with millions of people, but your personal and professional brand will gain visibility and authority that you’ve only dreamed about. What do you have worth $10000, what about your why? Well, this is the opportunity for which you are seeking and why I’m sharing. How hard could it be to  do what you do every day or should be doing,  taking advantage of technology, while it last? Who would not want to participate in the art of promoting self? People enjoy being around people who are confident and have something to offer to help make matters better. Seeking a good businesses opportunity is just this simple.

When you look around and see all these storefronts, their marketing efforts, restocking, security, employees, tax… When you see people working two jobs, being forced to split themselves between job and family… and then you read about people leisurely making money online and even crazier, they’re doing in areas and ways you never thought possible. Well, it is leisure in comparison.

Online businesses are booming like hell all over the world, discover a reason to promote you. There’s no reason why you—if you have an idea worth sharing—can’t find the same success.

Costs? Would you invest $30 in yourself for an opportunity to generate unlimited income? You pay thirty, I pay thirty and just keep paying it forward. New people are born everyday, so there's no shortage of potential customers.  And if you want to talk about thirty dollars a month, we through away more than $30 a month, just trying to survive. This year alone I have already donated, just gave away more than $300 dollars for charities and/or people in need. I’ve also invested more than $1000 dollars to create a charitable organization… all of which I have received zero dollars in return but a much more meaningful life. Don’t mind, but I also have bills. So, how do I make my knowledge sell? That's it: Make Your Knowledge Sell!

From that to this and being humble every step of the way! Shouldn't life be like this?

Surrounding yourself with like-minded other like-minded individuals? Where is the next Solopreneur? How do you believe and what is your motivation? Your why is the single most important aspect of your business and dictates how much effort you are willing to put forth to get what you want. Making money is very simple, principles are the same everywhere and there are unlimited products and services, simple to very complicated, for you to earn a handsome income, but again most of us do not run into such opportunities or we are so slow to act the opportunity is gone.

Timing is another very important consideration for taking on a new venture. Invest adequate time in the first 2 or 3 months to pave the way for a lifetime! And it is all digital, can be done from home, at your own convenience and you can take it anywhere you can use a computer or phone. Opportunities don't come at your convenience, so you will have to be ready. As a matter of fact the best opportunities come at the most inopportune time. Life, along with opportunities are quickly changing and the stage of the potential venture determines how long you are able to work it. So far, I have grown with this company since 2005 and am very impressed with its growth, professionalism and people, so it is my time to go public. If you google my website, you will see “they” rate it low, no matter how educated i am or how truthful my story maybe and even at this, my work has made me a huge success. Contrary to popular belief, money is nowhere near the most valuable resource, but we want you to believe it is.  What they do not tell you is: How much I have gained from just associating myself with such an elite group for more than 13 years!!!  That's more than 13 years of paying 30/mo or $300/ann and I did not do this for nothing. I stopped accepting the notion of someone else approving my success, I don't approve theirs.

Another thing, any opportunity I choose has to true and FUN! Like I said, there are unlimited ways to earn from this opportunity. You cannot lose by taking advantage of this opportunity, unless you choose to do nothing, then it is what it is and there are some who chose this, for whatever reasons. However, it fits me very well and I am very pleased to share this online home-based business opportunity with you?

Why this particular opportunity? Wealthy people are constantly selling but poor people are always short! Most have never heard of Solobuild It. It is not a GRQ scheme and doesn't go around boasting of quick money and I really appreciate this humble attitude. Then, it is all in one, all the powerful tools, tips, tricks, no matter how you enter. Last but not least, all solopreneurs are about one thing---succeeding and to do this we know we must help others succeed. You can even get paid without spending a dime.  It is proven, and my strategy is to just start selling websites.

How does it work? Pitch yourself, it is about your idea, not the person.You are the conduit for your idea, get a good understanding why your idea is worth spreading and focus on how it helps others. Practice!

Pay $30/monthly or $300/annually for your own website, which they instruct you how to setup and accelerate your business. The whole program is built this way, no added expenses, because helping you become a success is how "we" become a success and so should any business venture. That’s it. This is the absolute minimum, but depending on your creativity, you can do much more to earn even more.

I look forward to working with you to exceed our maximum earning potential. I don't want to post any personal contact information, unless you take advantage of our free membership affiliate program. Mass media is run by journalists, so the concept is to identify and feature great stories. You need to pitch your story, keeping in mind that the point is to promote great ideas.

How do you get started? Do you realize how valuable your own story is, the intrinsic and extrinsic value, to anyone who may be in an even more dire need than you??? People write books every day and DIY articles, people go to the web looking for answers/solutions,  your story will be one of them. Your story is well more valuable than you may ever know, so publish it. Go here, read/research all you want, join our affiliate program for free, contact me, purchase your own website, monthly or annually, ask for help to set it up, write, video, copy mine… but tell your truth and Pay it forward---share it everywhere you go to educate, help others and let's start earning a handsome income together.

My Primary affiliate link for Solo Build It! http://www.sitesell.com/thevoice.html

My Primary affiliate link for SBI! for WP http://sbiwp.sitesell.com/thevoice.html

Thank you so much and Remember, the quicker you get started the quicker you start earning!

(((your inner voice.com)))

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!