The more we claim to love the Lord the less we love anybody, including self. Time to understand we do not understand.

Nobody understands it, but everyone claims to have it, knowing they do not. Who doesn't want to know which says learning is not occurring, but what are we doing with the learning which is occurring?

Love, one of the most used words, but the least understood. We take what we think us will approve and neglect the rest.

A four letter English word spelled Love is used to describe what every human being “should” seek, but rarely finds. Many claim to have found love but upon further investigation, their actions prove they are further from love than those who admit they have not found it. You soon learn they have not a clue. What the world needs now is love sweet love, it’s the only thing there’s too little of. I’m not the first to discover this great misconception.

The definition of love says one thing but our actions scream otherwise. Some say they found love, then why does not their love spread, grow like a good seed planted in fertile soil?

Home, they say it all starts at home, but first you must realize you do not have love in order to discover love. Today, the loving homes in which we live have evolved into unaffordable icons, with the least understanding of how to build it.  Just like our homes we claim to enjoy but do not know how to build is the same with our word love and our daily actions. We like the looks to speak for our actions. We act like we are loving, we look like we are loving but in reality we know we are hating. When it comes down to actually loving, we have too many conditions to be loving. Built to be safe and secure, our loving homes are more vulnerable to vicious attacks than ever before, that is why we spend much more energy and time securing them and the least amount of quality time. We spend more quality time on our phones than we spend making our homes loving.  

Family, am I apart of your family? Do you love me the way we say we are supposed to love each other? Is it really an action word? Family is supposed to be the futile soil in which love is born. Between pollution and our unwillingness to work our gardens, our definition of love has changed to meet our own greedy needs.

Many use marriage as a measuring stick, but if the insides are as destructive as our outsides we are headed in the wrong direction. Some claim to have it but are caught up so much in trying to live the Jones’ they cause more hurt and harm. Do you understand how abusive families are to each other these days? Violence, abuse and negligent has evolved into our new definition of love. Do you know how many classes we have separated ourselves into, which is just the opposite of what our definition of love is suppose to be, the greatest of which are our institutions which discourage even the use of the word in their daily practices? What American institution practices our written definition of the word love in their daily operations, why not? If you cannot practice love in business, how can you practice in family? How can you separate the two and why would any good human being want to do that? We the people would rather spend more time finding reasons to pit one individual against the next than we would loving each other.

Religion, do the best of us suffer with the rest of us or will you be saved? Others use religion as their measuring stick, failing to realize religion is just another condition pushing love away.

When you define love and attempt to live by your definition then the love you seek is too complicated and smothered to death like an oxygen starved flame.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!