Art Thomas

Focus on Joy, Love, and Compassion, Simplicity and Balance

Simplicity and Balance are things of the past. What about love, joy and compassion?

How does it feel to be good looking, rich, educated, powerful and dead? Whatever happened to SIMPLICITY in and of life? Today, things are more busy and complicated than ever before and we are going nowhere. Worse, we are going backwards, when would lke to be moving forward! Our obligations are overwhelming.

Do you really know what living dead means? We have so many limits we are not sure which are real and which are made up. We are stopping when we should be going and going when we should be stopping. Even crazier, most of us do not give a shit and we think there is nothing we can do. We have just given up.

Whatever happened to trying not to hurt the people you love or are supposed to love? Do believe that, then whatever happened to trust in the world? It was here before the Piligrims. Where has happened to balance?

Do you really think there are some people out there who is deadset and determined to destroy the masses? Are there really some people out there in positions of power, who put property over life? Can you imagine a CEO who value "property and profits" over life and living? Do you really think there are some people out there who would loyally support such a strategy? Do you actually think there are some people out there who are willingly working to build the weapons to destroy us all -- food, clothing, shelter, transportation, fuel, loans, debt, natural resources,,, what else is there? Does that make sense to you? Living DEad!

Trapped, do we as a people really stand a chance? So, how do YOU beat this thing?

Focus on joy, love, and compassion. Does that make sense to you? Have you been feeling the negative emotions? It is time to let them go. A new world is emerging for you right now.

I send healing love to your heart. I send healing joy to your heart. I send compassion and peace to your heart.

Please take one end of the string of the "tied knot" inside you and give it a tug, you will find the knot is released and let the string slip away.

As you do that, feel the love I am sending to you. It is pure white, with light filling every cell, every nerve, every fiber of your heart, and with every breath you take, allow that beautiful loving light to fill your being. It is done, it is so.

(((your inner

Better, how to be?


Focusing on problems.

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