Why Have A Business Mindset

We talk like a business mindset is something you must acquire, why, how?

How much does it take to understand you either can or you cannot? What good is promising something you don't intend on delivering? Wouldn't trade you for all the tea in China -value.

Though we try hard to separate the two, business is family and family is business, you cannot successfully run a family without good business practices and vice-versa. I don't understand why we make living life so complicated. Have you ever seen a person who is afraid of success? They often start projects but slow to not finishing. This most accurately describes the business mindset of Americans.

If you take note of what's actually happening in America, an American would be the last person with whom to consult about a business mindset. From the beginning of the New America, Americans have a long standing reputation for exploiting people, land and resources. For Americans, it is all about the profits they can make, they could give a shit less about their customers/poor victims, even their own family members and/or fellow Americans. We have a fancy way of saying "profits over people".

Have you patronized any of our corporate stores lately, did you see anything about dressing for success, good business etiquette, professionalism, know your products and where located? How helpful are these employees, other than taking your money? All I ever see are undesirables being over-worked and under paid. Security cameras and other devices, for who? Seems we cannot get enough security, is this real America?

I don't know how nor why any human being would want to be so ruthless to another and call it a "business mindset".

From whom do we profit? So, we are only taking advantage of our own people. So what, if we profited more than any other people, what would this mean? Would we share or would we exact even a higher price, with interests and inflation? What does a profit oriented business  mindset do for it's people?

Well, if I were going to consult with anyone about a successful business mindset, it would be the Chinese, because they seem to make everything Americans need and we take pride in taking our business to them more than any other people or place, why?

China, the largest, most effective and efficient economy in the world, place high value on operating in harmony, ensuring the rights of society and individuals are balanced. So much so, America imports the vast majority of its products from China? They are very open to visitors, yet they stand their own ground.  Americans are pretty much just the opposite. We boast of being a number one world power but how can we be this when we depend on China for just about everything and they are not our slaves?

A business mindset is no different than any other respective mindset, treat people the way you want to be treated or better. Who would ever want a bad deal and who wouldn't want a good deal, Americans are notorious for dishing out bad deals.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!