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What is...daily living

  • See
  • Hear
  • Think
  • Do
  • Feel
  • Smell
  • Sense
  • Some how, it seems these are quickly becoming things of the past and we expect someone else to respond for us?

I am 52 years old and was in the store the other day. After mowing the yard, I was hot and sweaty, so I got a cold drink. I saw a bottle of wine and decided to buy it. Got to the cashier and did not have any identification and she refused to sell me the wine. No big deal, but when you think about it, where are we, as a people, headed? No matter what your senses tell you, it's the law and I am doing my job.

Your reaction to any given situation, Attitude. No matter the situation, you have certain thoughts about it. Let's take daily living. Attitude one: Ignore it?

Attitude two: Roll with the flow?

Attitude three: Be actively involved?

Most of us have our hands full with day to day living. Ignoring, many opportunities, we do as little as possible to make our lives better. Strange but true, we will ignore, but we do not want to be ignored.

To avoid additional responsibility, we "roll with the flow". Then, when serious stuff happens we do not have a clue. It is like we do not think bad stuff will happen to us, as an individual or a community, so we fail to prepare. Worse, we live like that. In an emergency, where do we go for food, water, shelter? Who maintains it?

In regard to the above, today, we do very little for ourselves. Our senses are dull, leaving it up to the so called professionals to inform and guide us. Whatever happened to the well rounded family, community...thinking folks? A business mindset.

We have feelings, we do not want to be ignored nor made to feel less than, so why would you do it to someone else. The nature of the business, huh?

These attitudes and behaviors are very prevalent within our society, especially, with those of us with little to no income. Jobs are causing us to work under tremendous pressure and we keep making more rules increasing pressure. Who cares if life giving utilities are cut-off, you should have paid?

In many of these cases, during the heat of battle, logic often goes out the window and fear or power steps in. Peace is what we are after but war is how we most often get it.

I know there are situations when you have no choice, but I also know, many folk serving in these positions, often have very little self control or self-esteem; otherwise they would not serve in these positions. I mean you might as well install computers, what good is a human cashier when they work like machines?

Customer service is all but non-existent. If this is the best we can do in a store, then you know our homes are hurting.

Yes, crime is up but the questions are where and why? The answers are all over, inside and out, white and blue collar. The idea is not to incarcerate or kill more criminals but to create less of them. That has to be done through better daily living. Being actively involved?

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