The murder of innocent women and children in America rising at an alarming rate.

Honor and Dishonor, is it a crime, punishable even by death, if a woman or child is accused of dishonoring a man?

Of course good, honest Christians do not murder, especially innocent people???? I'm a God fearing, family man, but it these kind of men who commit these crimes against humanity.

Will you please explain to me which people killed Jesus, murdered innocent indigenous people of America, participated in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Sharecropping, building weapons of mass destruction...? What religion are and were they?

Is it okay to have a gun, a knife, weapons of mass destruction? We get great entertainment out watching a shoot out at the O. K. Corral, seems like the manly thing to do, to settle a dispute. But, women are normally spectators, not victims. 

What happens when these innocent tools are used against you? We might want to take a closer look and be more responsible in the handling and management of anything which can be used as a deadly weapon. Do you see the need in all the traffic signs we post, but still well too many deadly accidents. Is this because we are too lax and/or not nearly enough responsible or is it the risk we are willing to take?

In America the rate of murdering innocent women and children is rising at an alarming rate, and it does not take a stupid ass study or survey to verify this. When I say innocent, they broke no laws, wasn't armed, all they did was "piss the right person off".

Why are these kind of cowardly murders on the rise in America? Let us look at one of the newest established and most profitable countries in the world and how it was established. America was supposedly established upon Christian values. That meant, they followed ways of the Bible, which strictly forbids murder, especially of “the innocent and righteous” , calling it wicked and you will not be acquitted. Even these killings are on the rise in the house of the LORD. However, the main Biblical character was murdered for being innocent and righteous and we hail him King.

There are serious laws, in our society, which discourage and punish anyone found guilty of murdering the innocent and righteous and consider this a serious offense.  We even view domestic violence and abuse as a serious crime.

However, in America, “who gives a shit”? Americans use their laws, not to protect their citizens, but to get what they want, even if it means breaking their own laws and this is how America came to be. Call it paying for security and stability. The crazy part of this all is, Americans get highly upset and want to take revenge about others murdering innocent women and children but turns a blind eye when it comes to them. You are a nasty woman

In the notion of honor and dishonor, the practice of murdering innocent women and children has become even more accepted.  A many innocent women and children have been put to death merely for the perception of dishonoring their families, pissing of the right person. The question is, who decides what is dishonoring--- a drunken white man?

Somehow, men have made themselves the authority  and based upon their perception, their judgement, will use deadly force against any woman or child deemed in violation of their own perceived egos, especially prominent in racially motivated crimes. Why is the consumption of alcohol associated with being macho?

How do men acquire such power? It is sophisticated women who, under peaceful and honorable conditions,  give their men authority and absolute power. As long as it works in their favor, it is GREAT! Women, not normally as physical as men, use this very creative and clever method in exchange for protection and manipulation- that's powerful. Then, when these power struck men turn against them, they are shocked and so is society. Why is this necessary, how do you convince an honest man, including police, to commit crimes against humanity, in the name of law and order and defending your country? So the biggest perpetrators are not the men with the guns, but the man who permits men to carry guns. And not all these crimes are committed in gun violence but the same principle applies-- "I've heard enough talk already". We are to irresponsible because we do not want to give up our right to do the same. So, where does that get you? Power struck drunk men who see honor in their dumb perception of cold-blooded killing as a means of making peace, rather than compromise.

The proof of this all is in the killing of innocent children. A person, with a gun and a badge, empowered to kill any of his own people, he perceives in violation of the orders of his superiors. Now, ain't that a real coward?

Men kill innocent women and children, not because they feel threatened, but because it is the most lethal form of retaliation and a strong sense of dominance embraced.  

In America the cat is out of the bag. The abuse of women and children, domestic violence is nothing new, but never properly addressed and now, the chickens have come home to roost.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!