The Obstruction of Justice

Who the hell knows what justice means but all know peace and is justice a punishment for peace...

Is the quest for justice an investigation, a probe....Disturbing the peace has been replaced with obstructing justice.Since the invasion of the founding fathers, peace has cleverly taken on a whole knew meaning, which has evolved into the work "justice" - justice of the peace. How can a society who has never known peace, but claim to be peaceful, call themselves implementing justice? Is justice a punishment for being peaceful?

Every human being knows what peace is but why did we substitute the word peace for justice, which we seem to struggle with meaning and achieving. Justice, with a definition so broad, but it is a crime to impede, impede what exactly? Is it a catch-all? What exactly is an official and who appoints them and why does it seem the ones appointed are worse than not appointing anybody?

Does federal law supersede state law, and state law supersede federal law and does any of these laws supersede laws of nature?

There was more peace in the land before we came up with the word justice. Even our President is now being accused of "obstructing justice".

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!