Three Spiritual Laws for Success

My difference? What kind of seeds do I sow?

Spiritual Laws for leading a life filled with meaning, joy and prosperity. Success is that which brings extraordinary benefit and fulfillment to me and to the lives of those around me. Not just temporarily, but for a life time, in a hectic and demanding world!

Inspiration: The power of caring. The value of your life depends on your ability to help others. You can’t make it here, by yourself? It is rewarding to encourage others to live in accordance to their full potential. To do that nurturing is what we all need. You love the people who inspire you most? This requires the extraordinary ability to listen? Sometimes I do not listen well, so I have learned to write/make notes. I may say the wrong thing, but after writing, different thoughts come to mind.

Spirituality: Discovering your difference is the first step to organizing and prioritizing your thoughts and actions. Forget about what you believe, you must take time everyday to do this. This allows you to work effortless, in peace, harmony, love and hope; in a life full of pain and suffering.

What fear? Recognize and work with like-minded individuals, who inspire you. Timing and location are extremely important, so you must be where you are supposed to, doing what you are supposed to, when you are supposed to.

Faith comes by hearing. You don’t want to listen to the wrong voice. Don’t ever give up on hope.

Income: Now, this was my problem, money, prosperity and confusion? I tried to put a price on everything, economy, bills, wants, needs, and budget? So far none ever worked and my credit score off the charts? I could not see what was right in front of me! Well, they no longer rule my life, but all that I can do to help others does.

That’s where my difference comes in, my unique talents, my gifts to help others. With these, I create abundance in the lives of those around me and my life. I live that way and now I am in great demand. Sowing seeds and nurturing them, will make you a very prosperous person, not in accordance to those around you, but in accordance to your own wants and needs.

Keeping these three things in mind and practicing them everyday gives me the feeling of being complete, content and makes me more prosperous than you could ever imagine.

"We" can be truly happy living a simple life together. Know those are not words to bring knowledge, but a message.

(((your inner voice)))

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