The Pressures of Holy Matrimony

Are there none, do they have to be, is it natural?

The American idea of marriage is what I think I know most, so I base all other marriages on what I know? Do I include in my marriage traditions of other lands and people? Can we actually live best this way?

The first  thing which comes to my mind is, How we treat each other? If I do not feel good about the way you treat me, why? How could a Nazi wife live with a Nazi?

Repeated stupid behavior and continuing to forgive, what good is this? Constantly forgiving repeated stupid behavior what good are we doing? The consequences of the decisions I make are they real or are they what I make them?

If your institution of marriage is based upon the successful marriage to a man or woman who abuses and/or put up with the abuse of others, I would not want such marriage.

The institution of marriage created, monitored, approved and divorced, I would not want to marry under their laws. I really would not want to give an idiot that kind of authority over me. Why would I give anyone a reason to arrest me?

When I hear people talk of marriage, they mean going down to the local courthouse and receiving the proper documents in order to be considered legally married in accordance with U.S law.

Now, I do not know a law which is more unjust just. There is something about a thing which is hurtful, just and unjust. I had the distinct opportunity to monitor the activities of some men who were summoned to the American version of The Division of child support. Of all the hundreds of men I had the opportunity to observe, I never saw one leaving happy. Somehow, it appeared he had the feelings of being more disappointed coming out than he did going in.

Of course this is just one very important of our American society.

The opposite would be to achieve a successful marriage like some of America's wealthiest people. It seems I do not want to be one of those men I observed leaving the Child Support building and don't look like I'm going to be filthy rich. So, who's left?

Is it the middle-class, baby-boomers, millennials, I'm too old for one and the other I had a very tumultuous divorce.  I considered myself a failure at the American Dream of marriage. I finally realized, not give up, but this institution which is so good to others is of serious detriment to my health or their health.

My marriage was just different from any of the others who appeared to be so happy married. No matter how much I loved my wife and certainly my children, my marriage was killing me. I knew something was wrong with me, I did not wish upon my worst enemy and was determined to fix it before I succumbed to doing the unthinkable to myself and/or anyone else.

Thoughts of how a man could or why he or she would consider suicide... I think you get my message of how serious it was? Can you imagine being married to someone who does the exact opposite of what you think and it all changed after marriage? Talk about the feelings of being "trapped". Well, I'm sure I'm not the the only one. How it would be easier to get rid of my problem than to keep dealing... the meaning of giving up control of one's self and handing it over to a spouse, How could this be?

Can you imagine raising kids in such a volatile environment? How do you explain what you know to be domestic violence to your children? Sometimes I think on pediphiles and how they could think they're doing something positive, knowing they're doing something which will negatively impact their victim from this time on?

Do we pressure people, our family members our love ones into marriage?

My parents believed in the American institution of marriage, just too bad by the time I became an adult women were no longer the same. yes, the treatment of women changed with my generation, a woman no longer did as you said, but had her own voice and the man was no longer the ruler of his house, but a shared experience.

An innocent individual, I married the woman who I thought loved me because I loved her. This is how it was confirmed to me that women are some of the most ruthless/treacherous human beings to ever walk the face of the earth.

The woman I decided to marry did she deserve to be married to me?

For my failed marriage, I take full responsibility. I have not a clue what good marriage partner is, but does this make me less of a human being?

Being single and grocery shopping, is grocery shopping prejudice to married people? Why is it so hard to buy a single serving?

Intentionally or unintentionally, I do not fit "the American Marrying Kind" and why would I change myself to fit where I know I do not fit? Why doesn't my society embrace me, for having the ability to abstain for what I know is not me?

When the number of bad relationships exceeds the number of happy relationships? It causes one to consider why, why cannot everyone be like me, so positive, so happily married? Why do we even have the institution of marriage when we cannot even get along with our next door neighbor or family members? Why cannot you be happily married and I happily single?

Marriage, as we know it, is a deadly legal attraction, until death do us part and most don't make it to this; yet we keep urging each other to take the deadly plunge and if you don't there something wrong with you.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!
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