the short story to Uplifting and Advancing people

I would like to add, “Without a shot being fired”

How do you tell somebody who already know every damn thing? Who think they are smarter than everybody else, yet they stole everything from us? What if they are going about it all wrong and the rest of us are just going a long in order to get along?

One group sees themselves as they got it, while the other see themselves as not having it, what’s significant about this? We must begin to like and embrace "our whole self" as being of the black race and not for something just the opposite of who we really are. Whose going to take you serious, have respect for when you're obsessessed with the idea of being like them, accepted by them, approved by them, entertaining them, studying them, imitating them. Where is the you in any of this? We want to be anything other than "us".

Depends on the power and position. The most dominant group will do their very best to influence or help shut up the less dominant group. Everything will work in favor of the most dominant group. There are some false senses of safety and security in being apart of the most dominant group. That is they are too obsessed with the idea of dominating.

The least dominant group is only this because they have accepted mistreatment and now perceive themselves less than, not able to adequately share what has already been provided. This will make for some very ill feelings.

So, to really be capable of uplifting and advancing, more than what is already allowed, one must first uplift themselves, and in uplifting yourself, together we will be uplifted, without a shot being fired. A chain is no stronger than its weakest link.

If you didn’t get it there, I want to share with you the kind of strength, courage, power a person has without a gun. Here we go: Remember the lion hunters before they had guns.

There’s no such thing as wake up tomorrow and everything be candy and roses, there's a process which has to be implemented, actioned and enforced, in order to achieve uplifting and advancement to a higher degree, as one people.

"The same people you lift up and help to advance, will be the same people who take YOU down." - Art thomas Just ask the likes of Jesus Christ.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!