the values in this country are shrinking daily

What does this say about you?

Most would say, it does say anything about me, but here's the thing. It proves all that shit we have been preaching for years, is nothing but bullshit. I don't care how you look at it, whether it is intellect, physical, mental, emotional, financial,...... today is the "rock bottom" of it all. People are blaming people, voting against themselves...literally people are going at other people, like we were born enemies.

It used to be racism, gender, accidents related problems but today, people will kill their fellow man, "just for making a loud noise" and what I really saying, people are killing innocent people more so than ever before in the history of mankind. It is worse than looting, corporate America is beating the shit out of main street America and main street is beating the shit out of main street, so WTF? Every human being is a death threat to every other human being. We have evolved into being an actual enemy to our own selves.

We think less of ourselves, make less contributions and destroy more of our habitat than any other human being to ever walk the face of the earth and call it progress. Right is now wrong and wrong is now right, none of which should have been. When a man actually believes profit is more important than health, all is lost, then when he actually practice this, whether he believes it or not, all his work and profits are in vain. A man is not wrong until he himself admits. Plagued by scandals, made up and real, there is no end to the madness we create for each other. Instead of resolving problems, we create even more, we put a band-aid on them so we can be paid to fix them later, job security for dead end jobs. We're being paid to literally destroy ourselves from the inside out, starting with our seniors, children and women.

How long do you think we can survive this self-destructive behavior? What more safety and security features can we install to make ourselves more confident in ourselves? Ever thought you would see a time when men and women would be fighting men and women over the right to sleep with another man or woman and this is same-sex? And these bloody battles are not being played out on Main Street, but Wall Street. News and TV has become a joke, plagued by scandals.

The Cannibal I Am

America has a new President and the fact of who this new president is, proves it is not as much about you as you thought.

Now, when "the people" lose confidence, what does this mean?

(((your inner

Working in vain

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!