Working in Vain

What if you figured out all your work was in vain? Most would not give-a-shit, they already know, but those who are so convinced we're working for the good of society, you have another thought coming and this is why.

Ever seen someone do something that was just plain ole STUPID? If you haven't then just watch TV. How did we evolve from constructive work to being entertained by stupidity? What good does this do?

Reading newspapers, watching news, participating in community activities all have become so complicated, we no longer have a clue. In a world we were supposed to make safer and more secure, we have done just the opposite. We actually terrorize each other. "When people lose confidence"

How does a man know his work is in vain? When he must result to weapons as a means of forcing people into conformity. We are prone to mistakes but what good does it do to punish yourself for them? That's a double whammy because naturally there are consequences for all your actions. It pays to properly behave but does not to behave for profit. Meaning, you will behave for profit but misbehave without? Discipline

How can you discipline someone without discipline yourself? Discipline yourself! What good does it do to force anyone to go your way?

It is amazing when the more mature you become, the less maturity you achieve, then what good is being responsible or is this growing up? What good does it do to grow to a negligent world? A world in which death, suffering and effort are all in vain. How can you act like you are serious about living, doing just the opposite?

Working in vain also has something to do with "displaying vanity"  -- excessively proud of or concerned about one's own appearance, qualities, achievements, etc.; conceited. Vanity is a defense mechanism to disguise the inferiority complex of ones self. Bottom

Lies, from where do they come

line, it is a liar. This accurately describes the state of being in which we are today, not one of us can be trusted and we convolute the truth to make sure it is not trustworthy. All of which means, we would rather destroy and/discredit each other than live in peace and harmony.

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Lie, Lying, Lied, Liar

Why Do People lie?

Lie, How big can a lie get???

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!