The Absolute Worst Job in the World

Are you job hunting, do you really want a J?B? What's going on with jobs here lately? Avoid job hunting.

I can always find a job...everybody ought to have a JOB...get mo education so you can "find" a good JOB. What's a man without a good job, the more money the better the job... I jumped in the fire and so should you? So, just where did our jobs really go, why, who's fault... Shawn Anderson say's it best.

"Job hunting" has been a common topic in my email inbox recently. Do I stay or do I leave? Others just want help finding a job. Period.

Earlier in my life, I've known the desperate need to find a paycheck. I've felt the "just survive!" mentality...and it is a very lousy feeling.

Except for situations in the "desperate" column, this is my belief system when it comes to either looking for a job or "breaking-up" with one:

If my goal is to chase "average" in life, I would:

1. Send in a resume every place I could.

2. Wait for responses.

3. Be happy to get a paycheck despite the job.

4. Stay at the same job...despite negative feelings about it.

If my goal is to create an "exceptional" life, I would:

1. Seek to create a job opportunity that motivates me.

2. Take massive action to make what I want to happen...happen.

3. Do something that makes me happy...even if it pays less.

4. Stop wasting eight hours a day in a job that dulls my passion.

Changing jobs is often about finding the courage to look Fear straight into its monster-like face. Life is too short to let fear limit what we do. I believe the quality of our lives will always be expanded when we address the Fear Monster...and survive.

And we will survive.

Every time.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!