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Why would eating cheaper be a viable option to eating healthier? Ever seen a people who condition themselves to eating less quality because it taste just as good, no matter how detrimental it may be to your health, poison kool-aid?

What is one of the largest corporations in America, if not the largest? How do alleged professionals, who are so haphazard about your health, gain your credibility? Well, if the Presidents are considered shoddy, what about all reporting to them?

It is amazing how particular we are about "things which matter not", but negligent about things most important to us. There is something about misplaced priorities being on the rise. How do you derive pleasure out of consuming anything considered detrimental to our health? Do we value what we are told over what we know? Are we equipped to do our own research and come up with a plausible solution? Will anyone trust it? Is this how we take action to prevent harm?

What is a gmo and how does it directly and indirectly affect you? "Genetically modified organism", which is a new organism, not found in nature, created by scientists when they genetically modify or engineer food plants.

Evidence: Health issues and environmental risks with genetically modified foods have been identified and officially reported, more than enough to warrant a significant decrease in promotion and production. Cheap, plentiful and poisoning!

Are they safe for consumption? Nowhere near as safe as what companies that create GMOs want you to believe. We have "no tolerance" for alcohol abuse, death threats for the use of tobacco products, but no restrictions on GMOs???

Then, why do good Americans keep risking GMOs? Because this method of production is a profitable Scientific discovery, made by good, well meaning Scientists reveling in the promotion. Americans believe "what Scientists say" over what they know. Then the risks, just like with tricky politics, "everything goes good with money" and instead of heeding warning signs, more "poison kool-aid" is being produced and consumed. Even worse, many farmers/producers support the GRQ scheme.

What is the real purpose of GMOs? The real purpose of GMOs is profit, not your health. The only undeniable fact is that GMOs are bad for people, land and resources. They contaminate areas and gardens intended to be GMO free and/or organic.

Concerned, sadly marketplaces are not ready and cannot be depended upon to properly inform consumers about consumer risks associated with GMOs and even sadder consumers are not concerned enough to make an informed decision. So many lies we don't know which ones to believe.

What is one of the largest companies in America, if not the largest? Coca-Cola, other than hype, what nutritional value has it?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!