Unity, Peace and Development

What is anything without unity and peace and anything without just breeds more chaos and confusion.  Real interests or fixed preconceived ideological positions?

Always wanting to move to the next level, aimed at achieving a higher standard of living, but why do we continue to miss unity and peace? Are we dealing with "real interests" or "fixed preconceived ideological positions"?

Are your children doing what they're supposed to or are they "just doing their so-called jobs"? What about our relationships and domestic violence?

We claim to be developing, but the more we develop the more unity and peace escapes us and the thing is, we keep claiming them. Our homes, communities, relationships are in so much turmoil, but individually we keep saying how blessed, progressive, world power we are. 

Even though we know the priorities and goals are unity and peace, there's something about the development which causes us to forsake all other. What good is development, is it really development when we're destroying everything around us or taking us farther and farther away from what we actually need to live better? If we are so good at developing, why are we plagued by so many economic and social problems.

It is easy to establish peace and prosperous development when unity is first established.  It is only the corrupt, but very powerful, minority who get a thrill out of exercising power over others and are geedy for unlimited wealth for themselves, who keep aggressively emphasing , nurturing and exploiting the differences between races, religions, classes, languages, parties, ... fellow citizens for their own personal advantage. This unscrupulous group will not cooperate with anyone working towards fair compromise. Therefore, there is no other choice than for decent citizens to take this responsibility upon themselves, if we are to live better lives.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!