Growing Together

It simple, easy and most prosperous but why can't we do it?

Does being on a hot tv show mean you have arrived? What about attending church, the car you drive, the home or neighborhood in which you live...? Then, why do we use all these things as sticks of measure about how well we're living? Will moving change you?

Growing together is the only means by which we all can get what we want, then why are we so apprehensive about applying ourselves?

White folk don't like black folk, back folk don't like black folk, black men don't respect black women, children don't respect adults and this shit just goes on and on while we're in a serious state of denial.

From the outside looking in, we keep saying "we're getting somewhere" but when you actually interact with us, there's NOTHING, why?

What does growth mean to your life? We want right but how can you get right when you put yourself in a position not to know shit?

I hear people talk about how well they’re doing, but when you ask them for help they have every excuse and there is always someone else to blame. Look how people complain about their spouses? Is the divorce rate or is domestic violence any indication? Look at our children, we’re more afraid of them than our enemies? Our neighbors are they really neighborly, why not? Our families, are we really growing together? So, how is this growth?

Growing together, do we know how, do we desire and is it necessary?

 Yes, we know but too many distractions. From the top down, people are learning to entertain more distractions than we are getting the job done. Why is there so much confusion over when you should use your phone or phone etiquette?  Wouldn’t any responsible adult know not to text while driving? Organize and prioritize.

Not only should we desire a close knit working relationship, with no separation between work and play, we know we need them because no person is an island. We can do absolutely nothing alone,,, not nothing. So, why do we claim to do all this great shit alone, when we all can be great?

That in itself is the problem. We’re attempting to grow in a system we don’t really understand. This system is very clickish, based upon dangling a carrot and me, me, me oriented. When you get a good education, what can you do with it? Why isn’t a high school education as valuable as it used to be? Is it because the quality of education has diminished or is it due to us making promises we can’t keep? In our relationships we’re very good at making promises we can’t keep. Even as jobs dwindle in front of our eyes, we’re still pushing the same old system of education. Even as our families dwindle before our eyes, we’re still taking advantage of governmental programs. Even as the crime rates soar, we continue pushing the same old religious jargon and this story just goes on and on, as we’re in a serious state of denial.

To achieve any measure of growth, we must better work together. We must stop all the excuses and take a more active and responsible role  in whatever it is we’re supposed to do.  It's not the school you attended, nor the money in your pocket, your title, house or car... it's all about your attitude towards each other.

Working together means we're all focused on the same goal and not what "you're" going to get out of it. Working together means we all will benefit.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!