What's on the mind of every American Today?

My photo says it all, if you want to live longer... Whose opening fire on Americans...

Living beyond a dream, Prayers are not enough, Americans are saying "we need more guns" to live longer.

Some group, organization is out there starting a war. Pro-guns and Pro-life or pro-guns or pro-life?

Is the “lucky one” really lucky? Gun control and ownership, playing dead to stay alive... Every American today, intentional and unintentionally, is arming themselves to the teeth, to KNOCK OUT the American next door. Google stealing the customers of Microsoft, Microsoft stealing back from google, … Ford beating out Dodge, Dodge beating Chevrolet… Bp tops Exxon, Exxon top Chevron… All competing for deadly days on college campuses, public schools, churches and the murder of more innocent Americans. It is the same customer, the same dollar, accept “I” have got to have more of it. Where is the "togetherness" in all of this supposed "friendly competition"?

So, what states are left?

Conflict, Resistance, Slaying, Massacre, Rampage, Frantic people, Opened fire, more and more Americans feel threatened by the American next door and the need to be armed to better defend against themselves?

Church shootings, School shootings, Scary Lock down drills, teaching Americans how to better defend themselves in a hostile environment???? One would be inclined to believe “gun control enthusiasts” are at the helm of all this domestic violence and wanting to create an all out war.

Whose creating this hostile American environment? Investments, statistics, just another statistic, community leaders are already as corrupt as hell. If they were doing their jobs all this conflict wouldn't be so bad. Gun-rights advocates, when we all have guns, then what?

The family unit is broken. Now, every American feels more threatened by the next. The problem is with family and society's lack of control and will to find, identify and help people with such deficient moral strengths or values, so they see a viable option in shooting unknown and innocent people.

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 "Weapon most often used in Violent Crimes"

it ain't guns

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!