Juke-Joints, What happened to them?

Growing up around Georgia, but good old juke-joints were everywhere. Why do we get rid of everything good, for some reasons, we labelled the bad and jailed anybody found to or believed to be running a good ole juke joint. Then the first people to blame which comes to my mine is White Americans, damn.

Now, we still begging for jobs.

Juke-joints were small establishments scattered about for your entertainment pleasure. They were primarily operated by Black Americans and the best the could do to help themselves. Black Americans cannot have shit in America can they?

We even had our own Wall Street, but white Americans again, labelled them juke-joints and burned down Tulsa, Oklahoma, killing niggers at will. Black Americans can't have shit unless it is making a white american rich, even in Oklahoma.

Whatever a nigger comes up for making a living for himself, somehow it becomes illegal or unaffordable. But for all these socially accepted and politically correct crackers, the sky is the limit, even if it means killing everyone around and it is deemed noble. And guess what, we're even wrong for standing up for what we believe.

Juke-joints were well more beneficial than Jim Crow which was also going on at the time. I grew up going to these places, my father was a Golden-Glove boxer and I his side-kick. I don't know how many White Americans ever went to a juke-joint but never saw any, so how in the hell can they know if they were good or bad?

Even holier than thou Black folks complained but if it were not for those joints, it would be worse today. You have got to have a means of releasing stress, pressure, entertaining the deviant side of human beings, but phony people like to act like it doesn't exist.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!