white folk callEDlessings

You hear people talk about how blessed they are? Would you know one? Does it take one to know one? HOw does a clean glass of water explain all of this? Here's yo blessing...

Jesus Christ!! In the name of Jesus I ask this blessing... We bless the table, we say our prayers before going to bed, hail Mary's and we do all that other BS to make ourselves feel like "a holier than thou Human Being"?

Would you tell a lie and call it truth? Would a lie ever be true? Then, what incentive is there to tell the truth? What incentive to be good if you just keep lying to yourself? Who would you be fooling?

I see their red neck asses walking around acting like their conducting business every where I go. And who's close following? Do they look like you? Do you know any different, any better?

Then why do we keep doing all this evil shit, yet calling it good? Then, we have the nerve to force others to do the same "stupid ass shit". Now, you're going to call me evil, my profanity, my ignorance...for simply telling the truth.

You're going to say I don't have a fucking clue and make me look like shit. But I'm here to tell you... A new day is here and I know it? I know how much of a worthless piece of shit you really are, yet you want to claim you're teaching otherwise... how hypocritical???

We have, are given, for free so many blessings, but we do not appreciate them.

Why not? There’s something about our system, our attitudes, our holier than thou behaviors. We just can’t be satisfied with clean water. We have to make it better, I don’t know how in the hell we have the nerve to even think,,,”we can improve upon what God/Nature has given us and is still giving and it’s all free of charge. So why do we fuck that up and end up paying a higher price for a less quality glass of water? Why would any mother fucker ever design his lifestyle in such a way as to charge his neighbor, his fellow human being for a glass of dirty ass water? And we call that progress. Think about that shit and all that “how great you are”.

White folk called Blessings, you need to know “I know”. I don't have anything against anybody, ain't a mad black man or any of that other stupid shit you call people when they tell you the truth.

But I am going to say something when I know somebody is lying to everybody... What good would it do for me not to?

(((your inner voice.com)))

How's that for being, open and honest? And remember to share this with your new POPE. 

The Character of a People?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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