Who would drink Cyanide-Laced Punch

A reality Not as far-fetched as one may think?

Most are shocked at the criminal implications of supplying and forcing their fellow human beings to choose death by poison, but it's more of a common place than we would like to think.

When you see poison punch as more than poison punch, but as things like fatal shootings per day, these numbers are overwhelmingly higher than any mass poisonings I know. While a people is in shock over a random cyanide-laced punch, why aren't we just as shocked over gun violence? It is amazing how we condemn on and support the other. When a cult kills people it's a crime, but when a soldier kills people it's protection. All of this translates to when you kill a person it is justified, but when they kill a person it is a crime.

How many people were jailed for the slaughter of Native Americans -none? How many people were jail for the gross abuse of American slavery? What about Jim Crow? What about denying descendants of slavery any kind of reparations? What about failing to recognize black Americans as fellow human beings - superior, inferior? What about a people who treat their women less than human? What does all of this say about how this same people treats their children? It's okay for one but not for the other?

When you look at what we say compared to what we do, it can be easily compared to one people seeing themselves so superior, they see no harm in denying the same right to life to those they view as inferior, which equates to being feed cyanide-laced punch. We've become so inundated with this notion, we now feed ourselves poison punch, without question.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!