Who rules Who 

To whom must you answer? Who's fears who... Have you ever listened to self? What happened? What's the problem?

Have you ever thought about all of us ending up together? Who rules you? Are you really in charge of you? Who leads the way in your life? Let's see?

Everybody must answer to somebody, not something but "a body".

Do you accept responsibility for your actions or do you blame something else? Does something else rule you?

Do you admit to your mistakes and do you learn from them or do you make excuses for your own inadequacies?

How can something so right seem so wrong? Do you need God to tell you what to do? Is that something about which to think?

Do you accept your circumcisions and strive for more or better? What kind of person needs to be told everything to do?

Who decides what you need to do? What are you creating? What have you created? America is strongest when everybody has got a shot at opportunity -- not when our economy is winner-take-all, but when we're all in this together.

Last but certainly not least, to whom must you answer?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!