Dignity and Respect for Black Americans will not come until...

Ever wonder why no matter how high a Black person gets in America, they are still considered a Nigger?

High class Black Americans tickle me in their efforts to prove they master the skills White Americans require to feel like you are associating with them at the highest levels. Black Americans think they are so fucking slick, they leave the rest of us behind.

White Americans talk all that shit but... just ask an American White Woman.

White Americans have a very strong sense of control, not responsibility, in America. They simply cannot relinguish this sense of control if they want to maintain the power they have managed to impress upon the rest of the world. Do you think they are going to include Black Americans in their category? No, because they employed Black Americans to help them achieve this status, which is the same they are doing today. Because White America is too busy maintaining control of America and they must be, based upon how they occupied America, they cannot afford to fuck around with people so simple minded as niggers.

Niggers have no desire to control nothing. We think different. We are not Killers, but they are.  WE do not want an economy. All we want is a dollar in our pockets and the right to spend it. Is anybody ever going to "give you shit", no matter how deserving you prove you are or how much you prove they are in violation of your civil liberties? Do you think you can win favor by playing their game better than they? Favor is all you will get, but when it comes down to serious business, you are still just another nigger. If they did not care about all the others, why should they care about someone who does care about themselves, as a people. Wars are not about individuals.

Black Americans are under the impression, they are entitled to the same rights and privileges because of the abuse and violence levied upon us. The funny part about this all is, we know we do not deserve shit. We do not own any tactic weapons and are too quick to use religion as our defense. If we were not apart of the organized crime it took to take this country, how can we feel entitled to the same rights and privileges of those gained through the violent take over?

Whites are busy controlling and Blacks are busy asking for one more right.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!