work hard get ahead

Is this a universal law? What is our incentive to... Then, how can this be otherwise? Work ethics...

That’s a damn lie in America 2013 and here’s why.

Today, the harder you work the less you accomplish. What kind of sense does that make, if what we’re doing is working to make our lives better?

Every new invention was invented to help people. Every job created was created to better our style of living, yet our style of living is increasingly harder. Utilities were created to better serve the people, but today they only better serve those who can afford them, even though they were paid for by the people. What’s the problem?

The problem is ever increasing prices. The price of everything has grossly exceeded its value and the buying power of the very people it was created to serve. And the craziest thing about this all is we are expected to accept this logic, without question – inflation.

If every time you do something to better yourself, it cost you even more, what good is it to better yourself? If every time you take one step forward you’re knocked two steps backwards, what kind of progress are you making? If the more you do, the less you can do, what will be the end result. Over worked under paid…

So America has broken a Universal Law. Does anybody care? Why do we keep talking about good work ethics? Why is one party fighting the other? OVer what's left???

There are many ways to pay people but we only use one, why is that? Control, but can money save you? Is there a thing as inflating something until it burst?

For decades, the basic bargain that if you work hard you can get ahead has been eroding. Does power go to the people with the most money? What will be the end result? Perish

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!