wrong for working, middle-class people to pay for abuse

Why isn't it wrong for "Americans" to pay for abuse?

- wrong for working, middle-class people to pay for abuse

Crimes against humanity - Cutting off unemployed childless adults, even when jobs are scare. Encouraging states to end government assistance for poor families that cannot find employment.

Wiping down telephone booths for food stamps, how clean and who's monitoring? For whom will these food stamp recipients work? What quality of work will they receive, in mandatory labor?

It is wrong for anybody to pay for abuse, but there are those who can do something about it and there are those who can’t. In this case, politicians have pegged the poor food stamp recipients as a thorn in their side, what a turn coat. Who feels guilty about feeding another American?

Which is the greater wrong and why pull the rug from under one to appease the other? Who dictates the over-inflated costs of clothes, food, fuel, housing, utilities…?

Now, food stamp recipients (FSR) never do anything about "billions" spent in “bail outs”. FSR can’t do anything about corporate greed, unaffordable housing, predatory lending, insurance for profit over service… Yet, corporate America has found a reason to target FSR by pitting middle class Americans against poor FSR citing them for alleged food stamp abuse.

My thing is “who is middle class America” and what separates them from the rest of us Americans?

Why does middle class Americans think they’re the only Americans feeling the economic pinch? Poor people are the rug and when you pull them out, be prepared.

What can FSR do to defend themselves against corporate American crimes against humanity?

For what will these cuts be used, will they go to building a new elaborate government building for “who”, starting a new government funded business owned by a politician, funding a new inapplicable education program, a new research and development program…? I contend there is no middle class America, just "working poor" and rich. Nobody gets through life without working, accept for those who are able to get others to do their job for them.

When you talk about people working and earning their PAY CHECKS, do politicians really work to earn their pay check? Does corporate America really work to earn their pay checks?

Cuts in food stamps is just another political ploy to upstage the positive change movement in America.

The whole idea in America is to figure out a way to do less work for more money. In every way Americans are paying more for less, is that wrong? Why should food stamp recipients be any different?

Why can't all Americans at least have a "Happy Meal"?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!