Why now?

Researchers and Parents

Researchers say 70% of teen alcoholism or under age drinking starts in the home??? Having alcohol in the home can give the message that drinking is okay??? See Not in this house? Anyway, you know the rest of the story, but I disagree with these findings.

I say all alcoholism starts in the home and having alcohol in the home does not indicate being an alcoholic is okay, but parents and society do.

Alcohol abuse is what contributes to alcoholism in both minors and adults. My strongest argument is our serious state of denial. Why do we make such a big deal about alcohol in the first place? Then why are we suggesting removing all alcohol from the home or locking it up somehow helps prevent alcoholism? All that’s going to do is put you in a serious state of denial?

Alcohol abuse has been a major problem since the beginning of America as we know it? It all started with White Europeans introducing alcohol to Native Americans in order to get what they wanted. The abuse of alcohol was further escalated by a generation of American drinkers who considered alcohol a manly adult thing to do.  

All the hype, advertising and profits make it hard not to abuse alcohol and most of us have abused it at one point or another just based on the pressure to socialize with alcohol alone. Had we utilized alcohol the way it was intended there would be no alcoholism or abuse today. There weren’t any before.

Why do we over indulge in the first place? Alcohol can easily be made anywhere? What is the root of our alcohol problem?

Our sick minded elite society is guilty of exploiting alcohol, alcoholism, alcohol abuse and the wide acceptance of its abuse.  They refuse to admit and instead, would rather blame an innocent people. Just like with sex, fast foods, fashions, prescription drug abuse…  Why don’t we promote healthy relationships, good eating, foods, drinks, alternative meds, low mileage autos…. All for profit. A dysfunctional system with distorted outcomes In Action

Talk to your teen about alcohol, why don’t you talk to them about eating vegetables, working the gardens, family business… Being responsible, responsibilities, maturity and how to have fun with it all?

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