Zero tolerance with the intention of eliminating undesirable conduct? Will it work? Will it ever work?

All things in moderation, Accept in the eyes of man. Only Man would make such a law knowing he cannot enforce it. Think about that, “ZERO TOLERANCE”. It sounds good, but “Is it realistic”?

No, I am in no way, shape, form or fashion support criminal activities, but I do support common sense justice, and A punishment that matches the crime. I would have told on myself and offered to pull the plants. Lesson learned. Just like when I am fishing and caught without my license or some other minor infraction.

Zero tolerance and Common Sense, just think about the self-imposing, contradictory, hypocritical nature of 3 or less illegal MARIJUANA PLANTS "growing" in your own backyard? At least give me one opportunity, not to do it again.

Mercy: Minor infractions, first offense, could warrant one day to two weeks in jail, prior to a bond? Some you will let go and others you will not.

What about you and yours? Or is it a scare tactic to satisfy the desires of “Special Interest Groups”? Does it make award less sense?

Would you jail your own son or daughter for more than a day for a first offense, growing three or less marijuana plants at their home? Zero tolerance takes away all your flexibility. Would you deliver them to the local jail? Common sense?

Thinking out loud? Why not pull up the plants and tell that person, you will be watching for the next offense? Or why not jail them for a day?

No consideration for all the good you have done, a good man could spend one day upto two weeks in jail, off his job, away from his family and being subjected to less than humane conditions, is it worth it? Would not the embarrasment of being caught be enough? Is our society so unforgiving? Zero Tolerance.

I know, If spiritual laws were ZERO TOLERANCE, we would not have anybody to enforce them. Zero tolerance, with the intention of eliminating undesirable conduct and crime, does not work, never will work and only causes crime to increase. Where will that get us? Does that make sense?

I think of the things I value most in life and my thoughts turn to my relationships and experiences --my home and possessions.

All of these things are secondary to my faith. I am one, attuned to a higher presence and power. Through God's wisdom within me, I am open to divine ideas, renewed and revitalized, guided and prospered. Everything else in my life falls into place.

Shit happens!

(((your inner voice.com)))

Zero tolerance

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